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You can spend a lot more $$$$$$, but you'll never find a better value than SCANCAT-GOLD for DOS. SCANCAT-GOLD for DOS is tested by Hams and Shortwave listeners like you who own the equipment we support. The results? SCANCAT-GOLD is FASTER and has MANY new features. SCANCAT-GOLD has a NEW more comprehensive manual. We also use extensive BETA testing before releasing our new product. The results are a program that is USER designed. SCANCAT is not copy protected. We believe that reasonably priced, quality software, puts our program within the reach of you the hobbyist without having to resort to copy protection. AND..... Our one program RUNS ALL THE RADIOS WE SUPPORT. If you own more than one radio or purchase another in the future, you never need to buy another computer control program. With our new Gold version there is included at no extra charge, SCANPORT, an all purpose conversion utility that will read your word-processor text files, and convert them into SCANCAT frequency files ! Scanport for SCANCAT-GOLD additionally will let you read and import D-Base and Comma Delimited files.

PLUS we now support direct importing of Tom Sudstrom's SCHEDULES. and export files from PERCON'S SPECTRUM CD Rom.

AND, with SCANCAT-GOLD you have unlimited file sizes to export those "really big" databases.

SCANCAT presently supports:

AOR-8000 -Newest handheld (SCANCAT-GOLD
Includes EEPROM upload utiltiy to enable those "blocked" frequencies)

AOR 3000 / 3000 (A) & AOR2500 , AOR-3030 HF receiver,
MOST Icom RAdios,
Kenwoods Including TS-440, TS-450, TS850 & R-5000
MOST Yaesus including FRG-8800 & FRG-9600 Yeasu. PLUS FRG-100, FT-840 and MORE.
The NRD -525 & 535 Japan Radio
OPTO ELECTRONICS add-on boards for PRO series Radio Shack Radios

AOR-2700, LOWE HF250 - DRAKE R8(A) - SCOUT 3.1 (Read memories to a SCANCAT file)

======= WHY BUY SCANCAT-GOLD? Well READ ON ! ========

SCANCAT-GOLD for DOS has all the features of the standard SCANCAT=6.0 PLUS.... SCANCAT-GOLD is the result of YOUR ideas and feedback. Our programmers have worked hard to produce the best Computer Control program on the market - a claim that we would like to prove. You are going to be amazed to discover a level of unmatched functionality. SCANCAT-GOLD is much faster and has many NEW features. We've spent countless hours pouring over requests from users like yourself to assure that the system we developed met and exceeded your needs. As a result, when you choose SCANCAT-GOLD you'll be using a truly advanced program that provides you with optimum use and simplicity. We are offering to the "hard core" enthusiast, SCANCAT-GOLD. SCANCAT-GOLD is like nothing you've ever seen. It's hard to be modest, and it's hard to list everything that's new in version GOLD. Of the many new features in SCANCAT-GOLD these are but a few that we just can't resist pointing out, features that will truly enhance your scanning efforts.


FASTER, MUCH FASTER. We have optimized SCANCAT to be the fastest that we can make it. Improved speed in almost ALL radios.
MULTIPLE SCANNING BANKS. Yes now you can actually scan several different frequency banks in the same pass. (15 in fact). You can also toggle any or all on/off as you please.
MULTIPLE SCANNING DISKFILE BANKS. Yes now you can actually scan several different frequency FILES in the same pass. (15 in all). You can also toggle any or all on/off as you please.
UNLIMITED FILE SIZES. The 400 frequency barrier per file is gone forever. With SCANCAT-GOLD the number of records you can have in a file is now only limited by your disk space!
DUAL RADIO SIMULTANEOUS SCANNING (ICOM ONLY). If you own TWO Icom radios, one HF and the other VHF, you can program SCANCAT-GOLD 6.0 to run 'em BOTH at the same time. Only ONE CT-17 Icom interface is required!
COMMA DELIMITED CONVERSION. Many database applications EXPORT their files for use by other systems in comma delimited format. SCANPORT-PRO can read and convert these to a SCANCAT frequency file for immediate use. D-BASE SUPPORT. SCANPORT-GOLD can read and convert directly to a SCANCAT frequency file D-BASE files. D-BASE is the single most popular format used by 2nd party vendors for frequency database's. (PERCON AND GROVE Enterprises frequency database for instance).
DIRECT IMPORT OF TRS Consultant's SCHEDULES. Convert SCHEDULES (tm) Showrtwave Files Directly to a SCANCAT-GOLD file. All Automated with no setups necessary.
MACRO CONTROL PER RECORD. Complete programmable control of Signal Threshold, up to 6 ALARMS, and many variable timing delays, such as hang and dwell time PER RECORD. You now have COMPLETE control of your database scanning.
COMMAND LINE CONTROL. Put your favorite options such as radio selection and startup files into a "batch file" for automatic start up. Even set up the SCANCAT to start and stop logging at predetermined times, unattended!
AUTOMATIC BIRDIE LOCKOUT & Instant keypresses lockout for frequency bypass WHILE scanning, lock out birdies, and even let SCANCAT build your own lockout table.
TOP HITS TABLE. While SCANCAT-GOLD is scanning, you are building a "TOP TWENTY" HITS table. Pop it up anytime you want. Top hits are also color coded and automatically sorted by frequency of hits. Pick up on sudden activity instantly for optimum scanning enjoyment.


QUIKTERM. (c) Our built in Communications Terminal program now has programmable Macro Keys to drive your favorite TNC.
CTCSS AND DCS tone search support with Opto Electronics boards or the DC-440 Tone reader used in conjuction with ICOM and CI-V interfaces.
NEW MORE COMPREHENSIVE MANUAL. SCANCAT'S so easy to use you may never need it, but we've put a lot of work into a complete revision and improvement of our manual. You get a professionally bound manual of over 100 pages, indexed and cross referenced to help you find features quickly. We have added a "by radio" lookup for help on your specific radio's features and operation with SCANCAT.
SCANCAT has been rated the "easiest to use" in several national reviews SCANCAT's easy to use "POP-UP" interface to the real world makes your listening hobby a breeze. We LISTEN to our users. SCANCAT does not require a color monitor so you can still use that second "XT" or laptop to keep from tying up your regular computer. We were even reviewed in a national scanning magazine with SCANCAT running on a HP PALMTOP!

SCANCAT wasn't just written by a programmer, it was designed by actual USERS that beta tested and IMPROVED ON it's many features. If it wasn't EASY, we CHANGED it till it WAS. NO "HIGH TECH" learning curve here.
The most often reported compliment we hear is that our program is their most favorite because it is so intuitive and simple to "get up and running" without the manual.
The second most popular reason our users give us is that SCANCAT supports virtually ALL popular radios. Plus we support ALL the radios from within ONE program. No need to ever own TWO programs, just because you have more than one radio. All files created by ONE radio are completely compatible with any other radio you may have. EVEN the new PRO-2005/6 radios. (Of course frequency ranges must be compatabile)

Why wait any longer......


The Proven LEADER in Computer Aided Scanning. Since 1989 !

IF YOU ACT can have our latest "disk full of frequencies" for just $15.00. This disk has over 3.5 MEGS (in a zipped file) of "stuff" ready to run. See our catalog for a complete listing.


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