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You can spend a lot more $$$$$$, but you'll never find a better value than SCANCAT. SCANCAT is tested by Hams and Shortwave listeners like you who own the equipment we support. The results? SCANCAT 6.0 has MANY new features. SCANCAT has a NEW more comprehensive manual. We also use extensive BETA testing before releasing our new product. The results are a program that is USER designed. SCANCAT is not copy protected. We believe that reasonably priced, quality software, puts our program within the reach of you the hobbyist without having to resort to copy protection. AND..... Our one program RUNS ALL THE RADIOS WE SUPPORT. If you own more than one radio or purchase another in the future, you never need to buy another computer control program. With our new version 6.0 there is included at no extra charge, SCANPORT, an all purpose conversion utility that will read your word-processor text files, and convert them into SCANCAT frequency files !
SCANCAT presently supports:

AOR-8000 (Newest handheld)

AOR 3000 / 3000 (A) & AOR2500 , AOR-3030 HF receiver,
MOST Icom RAdios
Kenwoods Including TS-440, TS-450,TS850 & R-5000
MOST Yaesus including FRG-8800 & FRG-9600 Yeasu. PLUS FRG-100, FT-840 and MORE
The NRD -525 & 535 Japan Radio.
LOWE HF-150m
OPTO ELECTRONIC'S add-on boards for PRO series Radio Shack Radios
AOR-2700, LOWE HF250 - DRAKE R8(A) - SCOUT 3.1 (Read memories to a SCANCAT file)

Our software allows complete control of all functions supported by these radios through the manufacturer's interface.

SCANCAT allows you to :
1. Enter any one frequency and increment up-down from that point.
2. Enter any two frequencies and scan between them with ANY increment, time delay or pause.
3. Scan a file of frequencies, search by description or wildcards.
4. Create Databases of frequency files. Sort by any field, and save to disk and / or send to printer.
5. Create 30 personal "Preset" frequency BANDS for SW, aircraft etc. including increment and mode. The most popular presets are included in the program.

With KENWOOD, ICOM, AOR and NRD-525/535 and most newer YAESU'S you can read to a file the radio's memories including the split Channels and mode and store them on a disk file. In the case of the AOR-3000 you can store all 4 banks of 100 memories in 4 files. You can fully Auto-load any disk file to the radio's 100 memory bank. With the Kenwood you can load the split channels if appropriate. (Great for mobile trips)
Uploading to the AR-8000 Handheld includes loading Memory channels with 7 letter alpha descriptions !

Scancat supports the AOR-3000, NRD-535 and Icom & Yaesu FRG-9600 (Optional squelch detect cable necessary with some radios) squelch detect. You can stop on the presence of a signal, wait for the end of a transmission, and even log the find to a disk file. The Spectrum Analysis gives you a detailed view of up to 40 hits per frequency and their individual signal strengths. ALL WHILE SCANNING AND LISTENING! The software system (Including on-line Help) implements key-stroke accessed pop-up windows and is extremely user friendly. We are constantly Beta-testing SCANCAT to create an easy to use and bug-free program. With SCANCAT you can create unlimited files of up to 400 frequencies each. AND, WITH THE NEW SCANCAT-GOLD, you have unlimited file sizes. The files can be sorted by any field, (Description, frequency etc). You can create these files while you are scanning between one /or two frequencies. You can also access several pre-programmed (user re-programmable) "split offsets" such as for marine telephone. Press a key and log /add the entries to a disk file, complete with optional description, timestamp and comments. In under 1 second SCANCAT will optionally check for either description OR frequency duplicates, eliminating multiples on long searches. (Great also for field day and contest logging). The AOR-3000 and the NRD-535 supports squelch and signal detection. With ICOM & Yaesu using, our inexpensive optional cable, you can use the tape recorder remote on/off switch to stop on signal. In the Auto-Log mode with the these radios, you can log each hit, even unattended. After several hours, you can build a log-file of the found frequencies, including the number of times found and the last signal strength. You can pop up a graphical chart of this analyisis at any time WHILE scanning. We have available several files for immediate use such as Pop-Comm's 275 English SW brdcsts, Maritime Freq's, Monitoring Time's Top 200 utility freq's, AND for Kenwood or AOR, a loader for their 100 memories (with Kenwood including "Splits"). (FOUR FREE files are included). If you would like a "Free" File, Send us one of your files of 50 or more frequencies on a 5 1/4 disk and we will honor your request for any available file.
Lastly is QUIKTERM, an integrated communications program to access a TNC. (Demodulator). If you own a MFJ, PK232 or M7000 type demodulator for RTTY, or packet, you can instantly go back and forth between scanning and using the demodulator. The Communications program is built in to SCANCAT, not just an extra program. QUIKTERM uses split windows for receive and sending of your demodulated signals, as well as supporting disk & printer Spooling of your output. (Logging of frequencies is supported from this section also).
The required hardware is an IBM/PC compatible computer with at least 640K ram, 1 drive, minimum 1 serial port. Color screens are user selectable but YOU DO NOT NEED A COLOR OR GRAPHICS CARD. We do not supply the interfaces but they are available for about $90.00 from several nationally advertised ham suppliers.


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