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HOKA'S CODE3 Decoder

We are sure you will get many hours of pleasure and enjoyment from this decoder. My name is Jim Springer, and I am the Owner and President of Computer Aided Technologies, the USA distributor for CODE-3 and CODE-30. I am an owner and user of CODE-3 myself. When I first purchased my CODE-3, I was almost disappointed with the small size of the demodulator unit as I unpacked it. It was quite small when compared to the size of my M-7000. There were no flashing lights and no buttons to press. But I soon changed my mind once I discovered the powerful abilities of the decoder and software. I have owned MFJ's units, AEA's PK-232, as well as M-7000 and M-8000 from Universal, and can honestly say I get more solid copy from the CODE-3 than any other unit I have owned. I STILL an M-7000 on the "bench", but it rarely gets used unless my computer is just too busy with other projects.
CODE-3 has an exclusive Analysis mode, that tries hundreds of combinations of bit analysis, matches them up with known modes, and gives you a confidence level as it analyses. Once you learn how to use this unit, you will be able to quickly determine signal modes with CODE-3's Analysis mode, and immediately go to decoding. In fact, you will soon get so spoiled with it's ease of use, and the many analysis tools, you'll wonder how you ever did with out it! CODE3 is the only INTELLIGENT decoder system on the market under $5000.00. (The German Wavecomm)

As with any new piece of hardware/software it takes time to become acquainted with its features and method of operation. I have much the same difficulties with just about ANY piece of software or hardware I purchase. That's why I buy from companies that are available for technical support after the sale. I'm sure you don't want to spend several hundred dollars, only to find you can't get help when you need it. We have LIVE technical support, not some BBS or Answering machine with layers of "menus".

If you have questions regarding operation of CODE-3, or problems with getting set up, you can use our technical support line. We are available MONDAY thru FRIDAY 9am -2pm CENTRAL time to answer questions and help you get up and running. There is also a CODE-3 interest group on GENIE in the Radio & Electronics rountable. To get there move to PAGE 520, select 9 and choose CATEGORY 3 TOPIC 22. There are several well known people there that are involved in the decoding hobby. Also if you frequent the SHORTWAVE ECHO or the RTTY ECHO on the FidoNet. Check in.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT - VOICE - 318-687-2555 9am to 2pm CENTRAL time


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