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(Primary Contact: Jim Springer, President)

If you have ANY concern about how "you", our customer, are being treated, 
Read this, and then Email us


To Place Order Phone: 318-687-4444
Call toll free in USA: 888-722-6228
Normal business Hours 9am to 3pm (Central)
Monday through Friday
(Except for National Holidays)

Operators On Duty 24 Hours a day - 7 Days a Week
FAX 318-686-0449 24 hours a day


Unless otherwise stated on the viewed WebPages 
all software requires:

Windows 98/98SE or Windows XP
Windows 2000/NT/Vista 64/Windows 7 only supported in Scancat-Lite
(Windows 98-XP) 512 Megabyte Installed RAM
(Windows 98-XP/Windows 7) 25 Megbyte Hard Drive Free Space

Scancat-Lite-Plus is Vista/Win7/Win8 compatible

(Windows Vista) 1024 Megabyte Installed RAM (2048 recommended)
(Windows Vista) 25 Megbyte Hard Drive Free Space

(Windows 7/8 1024 Megabyte Installed RAM (2048 recommended)
(Windows 7/8) 25 Megbyte Hard Drive Free Space

Windows Vista and Windows 7/8 requires Scancat-Lite-Plus be assigned
 "Run as Administrator" privileges

Windows 95 is not directly "supported"
Windows 98 requires 1024 Ram
 Without 1024 ram  we cannot guarantee our software 
will function on Windows 95/98 
If you are unsure download our demos First

We do not support our software on "MAC's", 
or running on MACs using Virtual PC.

Software is not returnable for credit

Lifetime Upgrades are not transferable

Tech Support Phone: 318-686-1999
                         9am to 3pm (Central)
                        Monday through Thursday 
                         and until Noon on Fridays
Email support:

Tech Support is for technical "issues" to resolve flaws or bugs in the program. We want to help you, but please realize that Tech support is not intended to be a complete step by step tutorial. We are not capable of teaching you how to use your radio.  If you need that level of assistance, please refer to the manuals and addendum files supplied with your software. Or see a very comprehensive FAQ at this website location 
                    - and - 
we have spent many hours recording the video tutorials now available on our website (see just below), so that we can give you a unparalleled level of tech support unavailable anywhere else.

Phone in Tech Support must be limited to 15 minutes per call (one call per day - 3 calls  per week). We are a small company and we simply do not have the manpower or resources to do more. If you expect more than this level of support, contact us BEFORE  you purchase. (And)  Email is a very efficient method if you need more than the normal amount of  "help". 

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P.O. BOX 18285 (Zip 71138)
1112 Francais Dr.

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