How are we doing?

In a recent encounter with a seller on Amazon, I wrote the seller asking for a
Shipping Status on an order. I felt that he should have shown the item as shipped by then
As Two Other orders the same day and time had already been delivered
Instead of Simply telling me "I'm shipping today", or "I got behind and it's going out tomorrow,
he proceeded to tell me I was being ''Direct and insulting'' by asking "where's my stuff", and it
just went downhill from there.

So all that did was make me mad, and I canceled his order.
It took 3 more emails to get any kind of response,
and the final statement on that response was

I ''should seek counseling for my attitude''.

So That got me thinking. How do "we" react when we get a customer that has an issue.?
Do we try to solve it, or do we try to hide our mistakes in a barrage of insults?

I feel the above link describes principles of a philosophy we strive to archive.
MY single philosophy is, ''The Customer is always right, even if I think he is wrong"

- So - my question is .... How are "we" doing

If you have a concern, just write us an email, Subject:Help With a Problem

I will personally make sure you get the attention you, as a customer, deserves.

Best Regards,

Jim Springer
Computer Aided Technologies
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