Scancat-Gold is a 16 bit program, and WIN7 no longer supports 16 bit software.

The problem is two fold. Many of the 16 bit controls we use are no longer available from the vendors as 32 or 64 bit. So would have to find NEW ones.  The other "fold" is if we COULD rewrite the program for WIN7, it would require a complete re-testing of all the radios.... many of which we no longer have.

WIN 7 has a "Virtual Windows" module that can be downloaded from Microsoft's site. THIS overlay will then let you use Windows XP. I've had several customers tell me it will work.

Here's the link to some information on the Win7 fix. I think you have tO HAVE WIN7 PRO for this to work


From:   Jim Watterson


Any plans to have SC work with Win7?  Also, does Magic work with Win7?  Can
I use compatibility mode and run as if XP?


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From:   Jim Watterson
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