Our Scancat-Gold and Scancat-Gold-SE software are 16 bit programs.
This has not been a problem with Windows versions through Windows XP. 
But... 16 bit programs are no longer supported by Microsoft beginning with Windows Vista. 

There were many complaints about this when they dropped support on Vista.
In the business world there are still a lot of commercial softwares
such as Point of Sale and old accounting packages that are written in 16 bit or even "DOS".
Apparently Microsoft has decided to (again) support legacy 16 bit programs in the new Windows 7. 
They call it "Virtual PC", but no matter what it is called, most customers report
to us that it works with our Scancat-Gold/SE programs.

Go to this link and there you will find the complete instructions for using your old
16 bit program on your new WIndows 7 machine.


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