I guess you trying to learn two technologies at the same time.

It "Sounds like" you may have purchased
  Scancat-Lite-Plus (SCL) -and- the Mr. Scanner Frequency CD.

Looking at a "grid" in SCL, the frequencies are listed in ONE column and the TGID's in another, BUT they do not correspond to each other in a "left to right" order. COnsider them as two different "databases" for the same system. They just happen to be on the same "grid".

Tell me what you purchased and I can then be of more help.

Taking a "guess" - IF you have the MR. Scanner CD -  I'd suggest going here and reading these FAQ's and most times they will get you on the right path.

This is a 5 part "tutorial" on how to use the MR. Scanner CD's

With or without the MR. Scanner CD......
This is a short FAQ on how to organize the TGIDs in the radio

This is the MAIN FAQ entry point and there are a "Lot" of helpful hints and tips here.


If I knew it was going to be that hard to program a RadioShack Pro 95,I would never have bought it or the Scancat software.I'm new to scanning and your instructions and RadioShacks instructions are for someone who knows somewhat what they are doing,I do not. I have freq's that have talk group numbers and I have talk group numbers with no freq to go along.I wish I never bought this dang thing

See what's free at AOL.com.

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