This version of how to use TGIDS also has some links to pull up screen shots showing how all this looks in relation to the below tutorial.



All agencies are on the same system. What I was hoping to accomplish was that by using a bank for each agency, I could very quickly and  easily turn one off or on merely by pushing the keypad number of that bank -

Now if all the TGIDs are in one bank, each group in a separate "list", how to I switch one from one "list" in a bank to another "list" on the same bank on the Pro-95? Going to one bank to another is as easy as pushing that number on the keypad. How about lists within the same bank? I very rarely if ever listen to all agencies at the same time.

I know how to close a bank - but that impacts all TGIDS in that bank, regardless of list they are on (I think).

The keypad has 10 "digits", and you can enable/disable a TGID "bank" by
toggling/pressing a button. But, Each "bank" contains several TGIDS and
they are either all on or all off - you cannot selectively pick or choose to lockout a single ID.

         That's the way it works... <G

I know this is probably driving you nuts but I have honestly spent a 100 hours or more trying to figure all this out - and at 58, its  starting to make me feel really stupid! )


I don't know of any way to do (exactly) what you want to do - The only
"real' way to do this would be to own a "real 2-way", and those are
$1000-1500.00 each.

This is a screen shot of how to enter frequencies, and be sure to check each of the "trunk" to show a red check or it will be programmed into the radio as "conventional".

Think of the TGIG's as "Filters".  If you don't want to hear something (all the time) don't put that TGID in the radio - period. Almost ALL customers who write us try to put every single last TGID in the lists. All that does is the same thing a running your radio in OPEN MODE, and that is NOT what you want to do if you want to filter out unwanted conversations.

Most Radio Shack Scanners have two "scanning modes'
        OPEN   and  CLOSED

OPEN hears everything as it becomes active on the system, It's almost like scanning scanning conventional frequencies. First come First served.

CLOSED hears only conversations for Talk Group ID' (TGIDS) and ignores conversations that are "not in the lists".

FUNC + "5" is the toggle buttons on most RS scanners and this shows on the 4th/last line of the LCD as you press it repeatedly.

Talk Groups (TGIDs) should be associated with a particular system. So if all the services are on ONE system of frequencies (like here in Shreveport), then you want to be able to put TGIDs for FIRE in one of  the ten "lists", EMS in another and etc. DDepending on the "radio", there are 100-150 TGIDs per system , divided up into 10 or 15/list. There are a total of TEN lists, one for each numeric button on the radio's keypad.  Once you have this organized, put the radio into CLOSED (ID SCAN) mode. Then you can use the keypad to 'lock/unlock' a TGID "group"  and monitor what you desire by using the "CLOSED" mode when scanning. Locking out individual ID's is a real challenge, and I don't recommend it unless you're a masochist.

Look at this screen shoe, and below is a "directory tree" representation of what I mean. ALL of these are in one "frequency bank" in the radio.
  But you separate the "services" into "lists" and leave the
      rest blank that do not apply.

            =GRP=          (Name of Group) --- this is used for Uniden's such as BC246/BCD396 etc
        List 1-1  01234  fire
        List 1-2  01234  fire
        List 1-3  01234  fire
        List 1-4  01234  fire
        List 1-5  01234  fire
        List 1-6  Leave blank
        List 1-7  Leave blank
        List 1-8  Leave blank
        List 1-9  Leave blank
        List 1-10 Leave blank
            =GRP=          (Name of Group) --- this is used for Uniden's such as BC246/BCD396 etc
        List 2-1  01234  fire
        List 2-2  01234  fire
        List 2-3  01234  fire
        List 2-4  01234  fire
        List 2-5  Leave blank
        List 2-6  Leave blank
        List 2-7  Leave blank
        List 2-8  Leave blank
        List 2-9  Leave blank
        List 2-10 Leave blank
            =GRP=          (Name of Group) --- this is used for Uniden's such as BC246/BCD396 etc
        List 3-1  01234  fire
        List 3-2  01234  fire
        List 3-3  01234  fire
        List 3-4  Leave blank
        List 3-5  Leave blank
        List 3-6  Leave blank
        List 3-7  Leave blank
        List 3-8  Leave blank
        List 3-9  Leave blank
        List 3-10 Leave blank

THEN, when in CLOSED MODE, you press the numeric keypad buttons 1-2-3 etc to enable or disable that LIST (not bank) and so on. The ones enabled will show on top of LCD and ones NOT enabled will be "gaps" in the list of 1-10.