As explained on the phone, We suggest that you delete all the frequency systems in the radio and just add in what is for your local area. Once you get to the "Program Radio" menu, RIGHT CLICK on the DELETE button and with the "yes", it will erase all the frequency info (only) from the radio.

If you ever needed to put back all of that, this is the link to get the "Clone file" and that would put the radio back into "factory programmed" condition

The "New features FAQ" is a short tutorial on how to search the Frequency part of your CD.

HINT: If you put the CD into your drive and HOLD DOWN THE SHIFT KEY, the "autorun" will not boot the CD's menu and that makes it easier to use.

THESE are the Addendum(s) (IN PDF) for how to use the BC246 with SCL, so if you can't find that on your desktop, read THESE. ALSO read the PDF's for the BC396 and BC996 - While they are about the same, they have a bit more elaborate instructions as apposed to the BC246's DOC.

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