----------------Introducing -----------------

TWO Powerful New Search Features now included in Scancat-Lite-Plus Software

========== First Feature =================
(Requires MR Scanner FCC (frequency) CD ROMs

Now you can search Mr. Scanner CD's directly from within Scancat-Lite-Plus. Create highly customized, Local Area and Radio Service specific Searches and then load them directly into your radio. All without having to "Export" from the CD.

You can Search within a State for Radio Service frequencies in a single City or Town, or Combinations of Cities/towns. Now, you can create frequency groupings by Towns and Services according to Radio Service Type(s) or Mutual-Aid relationships as an example.

From the ScanCat Lite Plus software screen, Simply Start the Search by:

Pressing F5

If Pressing F5 does not make the "Search Mr Scanner file dialog box then
  Click on FILES
        Click on LOAD File
             Click on the 4th option
              "Search  in the FILENAME

Click on this link to see screen shot

You must "Navigate" to the drive that is for your CD

Click on this link to see screen shot

Pick your STATE file from the CD. And then CLick on the OPEN button

Click on this link to see screen shot


The "Search Mr Scanner CD" window will appear:

Click on this link to see screen shot

You have a number of ways of searching
    a. Keyword searches
    b. By Service Codes
    c. Narrow the ''Fields" to be searched

Try as a test entering the Text ''Police''.

Click on this link to see screen shot

This will find all occurrences of that keyword in the STATE you are searching through. This May product a -lot- of "hits", but will provide you with a sample of what to expect.

 Click ACCEPT and the search begins.

 For this test we typed in the keyword "Police". It found 17 records that contain the word ''Police''.

If you do not get any hits, enter the name of your STATE (IE: "Louisiana"). In Seconds, you will have hundreds of hits for this Search feature. The found frequencies appear in an Upper Grid Display. The "upper database" is sometimes referred to in our Help and Manual as the UPPER database. It is white in background color and  has all of the frequencies that you found in a search of the Mr. Scanner CD.  

Click on this link to see screen shot

IF you end up with a blank screen, The go back by pressing F5, and in the search box run a test by typing into the search box the two letters of the STATE you are looking in. This will always find a lot of frequencies, more than you want, but will help test that you are using the search functions correctly. Then once you have discovered what you want to search for, follow the instruction on the Search Box.

Basically, you have TWO main choices of how a search is performed

    1. Find a keyword, or a collection of keywords where if ANY of the keywords are found you get a "hit"

    2. Find a collection of keywords where ALL of the keywords must be found in a record in order to get a "hit"

There is a help box directly below the "service code" selection  that scrolls and has detailed help on how to type in a search to get the desired result.

          ----------- AND -------------

You can APPEND To the Search Results ....... Additional Towns/Services ; BEFORE saving them to your radio.

SIMPLY Press your F5 Key and the APPEND Search Option Appears.

This way, you can Further  Customize your Searches by APPENDING additional  Area, Towns/Counties/Cities --- AS Well As by Types of Service within Each Area such as Fire, Police, etc. The result will be a Customized Scanning Selection which might include adjacent Towns and Emergency Services ONLY. The Options here are virtually Unlimited !

Once the frequencies are in the upper database,  you can click on one or more frequencies to "select" them. Then use the COPY menu selections to copy/paste the selected frequencies from the Upper  into the Lower "Personal file database", and then use the "Load / Read" menu options to store them into your radio.

If you don't have the Mr. Scanner FCC CD ROM,

        call toll free 1-888-722-6228
        Or order on line at:

=================  Second Feature =====================

The latest New Feature in our Scancat-Lite-Plus (SCL) is the ability to search the Bearcat1.com free frequency website "on-line" from within SCL.

AND if you are a subscriber to the National Communications Magazine, then this  new online search function enables you to search all Nat-Com's SUBCRIPTION sites and import them directly into SCL.

Try this

If you have SCL Version 1.3.1

At the "Program Radio" database screen
        GO TO "FILES"
           (then select)
                LOAD FILE

If you have SCL Version 1.4.2

At the "Program Radio" database screen
        Click on the Top Menu Selection  "Freq Searches"
        There are Three Options
                1. On Line Freq Search
                2. RASD Lookup
                3. Source Files - Search Directly Mr.Scanner CD's

CLICK on #1 option. This will open a New "Browser" Window, and place you at the Nat-Com Free Frequency Website       

IF YOU WANT TO SEARCH the "Subscription site",
        Click on Top Menu option "Freq Search Options"
                Choose "Mr Scanner All FCC Subscription....

These instructions apply to "both free and subscription" sites.

Once you get the website "up", then pick a state and county.

Then when you see the frequencies on screen choose these menu options.

They will load right into SCL's top database on the main database screen

*** If the Top Database does not appear the first time you do this
        Choose "Database View" and then "Open Top Database"

then you can simply select the ones you want, and copy them to the lower "working" database for programming into your radio.

If you need more help, also refer to some other FAQ's on copying/cut/paste frequencies - these are available at www.scancat.com/faq

Computer Aided Technologies
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Computer Aided Technologies
 - http://www.scancat.com -
Order Toll Free or Order On Line
(USA Orders Only ) 1-888-722-6228
(NON USA Orders  ) 1-318-687-4444
(Tech Support    ) 1-318-687-2555
(  Fax Line      ) 1-318-686-0449