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Free Maps !

Scancat-Gold for Windows includes our latest innovation. Programmable MAPS. With maps you have the ability to load virtually any "BMP" file, and then program up to 500 'hot spots' for frequency and descriptions anywhere on the map. THEN, all you have to do is load your favorite area map, click on the programmed 'hot spots' to instantly change your radio to that frequency. You can load as many maps as you want and EACH can have it's own unique database of clickable 'spots'.

Download any of these "BMP" files for favorite spots through out the world. We are constantly loading new map files to this area, so check often for new additions to maps AND frequency files !

  • Download International City Maps
  • Download International Country Maps
  • Download United States State Maps

  • Download FREE Scancat Frequency Files
  • In order to download from our FTP site, your browser MUST support FTP. (Netscape etc) If you have difficulty in accessing this site, please drop us an e-mail, and include in your message the type Browser you are using and the error message shown on your screen.
    The files in Our Free Files directory are formated either as TEXT files or as SCANCAT ".frq" files. ALL FRQ FILES ARE ZIPPED. This way your browser will DOWNLOAD the file instead of placing it on your screen.

    While you will NOT need a special viewer for the text based frequency lists, you WILL need a viewer that can read the format ".frq" files are stored with.

    Included in this directory is a File named SCANVIEW.ZIP.

    IT IS FREE for the downloading.

    This (SCANVIEW) program will permit you to view, edit, and print the SCANCAT formatted files.
    SCANVIEW is a subprogram of SCANCAT's database manager, and any files created or edited with SCANVIEW are fully compatible with SCANCAT, (should you desire to purchase SCANCAT at a later date).

    SCANVIEW is copyrighted by Computer Aided Technologies (c)1996, and may not be sold for profit nor distributed without the express permission of Computer Aided Technologies. Please note that SCANVIEW is distributed FREE, as is, for the sole purpose of enabling viewing of Scancat files. Scanview is not warranted against defects nor is Computer Aided Technologies responsible for its use or damage caused by use of ScanView.

    SCANCAT-GOLD (DOS) 94.95 + S & H

    SCANCAT-GOLD (Windows) 99.95 + S & H

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    ORDER TOLL FREE 1-888-722-6228 (1-888-SCANCAT)

  • Download FREE Scancat Frequency Files

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