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 Jan 2017 

NEW 2017 Edition   

Mr Scanner CD released


 April 2016 

NEW 2016 Edition   

Mr Scanner CD released

 July 2015
Added new Youtube Video tutorial for how to use new "Radio Reference Frequency Manager"

April 2015

Added support for  latest Uniden Phase II Scanners    

   BCD996P2 and BCD325P2»

 March 2015

 New release of    Scancat-Lite-Plus with  Completely new menu driven database support for Radio Reference 


Added support for Unden BCD536HP and BCD436HP Unidens New "Home Patrol Units" 

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Old Time Radio!

RETURN, ONCE AGAIN, TO THOSE DAYS OF YESTERYEAR.... The LONE RANGER rides again. Some of my fondest memories were these great radio program. Lying on my back, late at night, with eyes closed, (or) watching the tuning dial on my Zenith. TV came late to my childhood community and when it did - radio was still the best! That’s where your heroes were. With radio, you were transformed right into the adventure - fighting side by side with the US Marshall Dillon and laughing with Jack Benny and Charlie McCarthy. You didn’t sit in front of the action - you were in the middle of it! Try explaining that to a kid today.

If you lived it - you know what I mean. If you didn’t - here’s your chance. These classics come on CD-ROM and are playable on any PC with a soundcard and a CD drive. All programs are in good condition and satisfaction is guaranteed. Player Software and instructions included. Record to cassette for portable listening.

OTR is an acronym for "Old Time Radio", a term loosely applied to radio programs broadcast from the dawn of broadcasting to the very early 1960s. Alternate names are "radio nostalgia", "golden age radio", etc. Usually this applies to radio drama, mystery stories, comedy and adventures. Some individuals classify the resurgence of this type of radio programming in the '60s and '70s as "Revival Radio", and similar programming since the '70s as "Modern Radio Drama". Purists even discriminate between the "Golden Age" (late '30s and the decade of the '40s) and the "Silver Age" ('50s). In any case, there are plenty of programs of various types that are enjoyable entertainment. Best of all, they don't require a large screen TV to enjoy 'em -- the "visuals" are provided by the listener's imagination.

If you were around during the 40's-60's you had a first hand experience with OTR. Amos 'N Andy, Fibber McGee, Jack Benny, Burns and Allen, Bob Hope were just a few of the weekly stars. Many migrated to TV in the late 50's. Shows such as Sam Spade Private Eye, Dragnet, Inner Sanctum and Escape all starred names we know to this day such as Jack Webb, Orsen Wells, Vincent Price and Humphrey Bogart. Some of these programs are downloadable from the Internet, but many are only available if you want to listen on line. In other words, you can listen but not download.

Now - you can take it with you!

There is a virtual explosion of MP3 on the internet. Recently, many manufacturers have started producing small portable MP3 Players. If you don't have an I-POD, then look for names like "Diamond Rio" - "LYRA" - "NOMAD" - "JazPiper" - These units are all about $150-200.00. Plus just about every smart phone on the market plays MP3's. All of these devices fit in your shirt pocket and are LESS than the size of a Pack of Cigarettes. Copy them to an SD Card, of use an "App" to copy them to your phone. You can easily transfer (from your computer to the player) over 200 HOURS of OTR per GIGABYTE of Storage!

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These are just a few samples from over 15,000 programs we have in stock! Click on one of these files to listen on line Depending on your browsers default Audio Player (And download speed) it can take a while to load the entire file and start playing. 1-2 minutes for DSL or

Personally, we've listened to these samples just recently while testing our webpage, and I have to admit they are still quite entertaining. While I "sell" these all the time, I had forgotten how great they still are. Give these samples a try and I'm sure you will agree. "Jim"




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Let's Face it.....downloading takes a lot of time and resources! We have a nice selection of CD's Selected from over 165 gigibytes of MP3 Audio Files.

All are jam packed full of ''OTR'' files. Each CD has approximately 100-125 of your favorite Old Time Radio programs. All CD's are categorized by type of material.

Select from our PREMADE CDs that contain a Selected Assortment of:
  •  Comedy
  •  Detective
  • Drama/Horror
  • Mystery
  • Sci-Fi
  • Super Heros
  • Western
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