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Shipping & Returns

Shipping .....
We ship to two zones, 
     (1) within the United States
     (2) International.(Basically only "Peaceful" countries)
     (3)  We will NOT ship OR PROCESS PAYMENTS  to Africa,   
           or countries deemed
 "unfriendly" by US Dept. of State. 
         Examples would be:  Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, South Africa, Syria,
                          (Basically Most of the "Middle East"  etc)
There are several shipping methods to choose from depending on the  
speed in which you wish to receive the purchase. If you need another
shipping method or you are told that we do not ship to your area,             
         CONTACT US before placing your order.
              Shipping Schedule / Explanations    
 Shipping charges are a "Flat Rate" regardless of quantity of  
 product  purchased
, in essence, you receive a "shipping discount" 
 when you  
buy more than one item per order. 
=========== USA SHIPPING =======================
Download Only       ***  NO Shipping)   ***         $  0.00                                                                                                         Normaly under 3 hrs   (Typical 1 hour from 9am to 3pm M-F)
STD USPostal                                $   6.00 Normal 3-5 day
US Priority Mail                             $   7.95 Normal 2-3 day
2nd day UPS                                  $ 19.95 Guarnt'd 2 day 
Next day UPS                                 $ 29.95 Guarnt'd 1 day
========== FOREIGN SHIPPING ===================
International Priority Air Mail (CANADA)          $ 29.95 Normal 4-5 day 
Internat'l Priority(EUROPE AUSTRALIA ETC)     $ 49.95 Normal 4-5 day
Foreign Express Air Mail                               $ 49.95 Normal 2-3 day
Foreign FedEx Economy                                $ 75.00 Normal 2-3 day
Foreign FedEx Express                                  $ 85.00 Normal 1-2 day
=======    DOWNLOAD NOTIFICATION     ===========
**** Of Special Note - Download Only ***    
Emails for Downloads are sent within 1 hour during  business hours
  or at 9am, 12, 3, 6, 9pm after hours or on weekends and Holidays.
After 9pm  - Download Emails are sent the next morning at 9am
If you do not receive your download email, please send an email to:

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