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  If you are an avid Scanner Buff, then you will be upgrading almost every time you buy a newer scanner. By buying our :Lifetime Upgrade option, you will save money the very first time you get a new scanner or have to upgrade your frequency CD's. 

                         It just makes good "Money Sense"

If you purchase this life time Upgrade, the  pricing covers all future upgrades at no charge. 

There will still be a shipping charge ($6.00) where applicable, but on download only's, 
 the product itself will be completely NO charge.

You are limited to one Upgrade every 6 month.

Initial Lifetime Upgrade Purchase Prices vary according to Retail Price of the Product

The Below Prices include the purchase of the full product (and) Lifetime free upgrades

Scancat-Lite-Plus    (Software Only)        ($49.95) 
Combo CD with Scancat-Lite-Plus / Mr. Scanner Pub.Safety / RSD files       ($79.95) 
3 CD Package - Scancat-Lite-Plus / Mr. Scanner FCC CD / RSD files (etc)      ($84.95) 
Scancat-Gold for Windows Standard Version     ($139.95) 
Scancat-Gold for Windows SE Version -    ($199.95)

Click on product below for a complete description

Product Image Item Name+ Price


  NEW All-In-One COMBO CD As Advertised in Pop-Comm / Nat-Comm and/ MT Magazines Special Package "Deal" See if your Scanner is...

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Scancat Lite Plus LifeTime Upgrades

Scancat Lite Plus LifeTime Upgrades

Scancat-Lite-Plus (R) LIFETIME UPGRADE PACKAGE See if your Scanner is supported   Click here for the LIST EMAIL Us If It's Not       ...

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