Ute Hunter is a 24-page monthly publication that began in November 1994. It is edited and published by Robert Margolis, who was the RTTY column editor for Popular Communications magazine for nine years.

It contains summaries of news items gleaned from nearly three dozen newspapers and magazines, including those of the military, aerospace and defense industries, as well as general circulation newspapers such as The New York Times and The Times of London. Other information sources include military and government press releases from around the world.

Column space is devoted to worldwide navies, air forces, and coast guards, satellites, ships, planes, space programs, coastal radio stations, spy agencies, digital data (such as RTTY) stations, Morse Code transmissions, diplomatic stations, radio beacons, public safety stations and governments. Ute Hunter covers utility-radio stations heard over the entire radio spectrum, from the VLF band on shortwave radio to satellite transmissions.

Several pages are devoted monthly to utility station loggings sent in from readers from around the world, and include digital data, Morse Code and voice transmissions.

Ute Hunter gets the news to you when it's one to six weeks old, not two to six months old as found in some communications magazines. Ute Hunter also tells you of scheduled events, such as rocket launchings and military exercises, so that you can listen in on related communications when they happen, and you won't have to hear about them second-hand.

A one-year subscription to Ute Hunter is $60 for United States residents and includes First Class postage. Foreign orders are $72 in U.S. funds and includes Airmail postage. Two-year subscriptions are $110 (USA) and $134 (foreign) and three-year subscriptions are $160 (USA) and $196 (foreign).

Sample and back copies are $6.00 each for First Class delivery to United States residents, and $7.50 in U.S. funds for Airmail delivery to foreign addresses.

Checks in U.S. dollars drawn upon American banks, bank drafts, money orders and cash in U.S. currency are accepted. Sorry we don't accept credit cards.

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