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I've been "doing this" for over 25 years. In that time our Scancat Software has gone through innumerable changes. Some major and some just "bug fixes". New radios that come out demand new support for those unit's features. And that requires (that) we integrate the radio's functions into an existing program so that a repeat customer can easily upgrade and continue to use our product with not only the new unit but his older existing hardware.... not to mention that design must also take into consideration that a "new" customer will understand it and be able to get it to work easily.

In all those years we have made a concerted effort to produce a quality product, and at the same time support the customer to the best of our ability when things don't go as expected. That philosophy has included real personal contact, Phone In tech support and a reasonable turn around on email questions and problems..... many times while we are on holiday or vacations.

Occasionally we encounter a situation where no matter what we try to do the software just refuses to work for a customer. OR - the customer feels that no matter what we have done, the program is not perfect enough, understandable enough, or needs features we don't have, etc etc. They sometimes write us with pages of questions and criticisms about things they find "wrong". If we answer to less than their satisfaction, some even initiate a vendetta and broadcast their displeasure to Forums and E-groups, touting how terrible our product is, and how sorry is our support. 

Many forums and social media tend to breed a  "type" of people who seek to raise their "level" at the expense of others. We see it all the time where criticism is used to elevate the perceived expertise of the "basher". While I'm sure, for some part, their motives are well meaning, I wonder if they are intrinsically happy people, or this is just their way of venting personal frustrations that have little bearing on the subject at hand.

 Experience has shown that the person that cries the loudest about a "sin" is usually the guiltiest of the same sin.
                     I call it a "tell".

I don't think some people fully understand the scope or what "we do" or the work required to bring a product to market, support it, and, try to create something that "works". My First inclination is to ignore criticism, but then secondarily (for some unknown reason), I usually try to answer the major points with either a "fix" if it's a bug, or an explanation of the "why it's like this" if it's not. If after repeated back and forth conversations, there still doesn't seem to be any "resolution", then I've found its best to just recommend to that customer that they look elsewhere for a program that better suits their needs and expectations. If they have purchased, a refund is given and we simply "move on".

I don't want you to think this is a "my way or the highway" attitude.... as given the opportunity (and with some patience from the customer),  I will work to the "enth degree" to fix the problem if at all possible. But - the finality of the decision to hang it up  has nothing to do with my desire to support our product,  or the customer, but instead stems from years of experience, in the fact, that there are a (very low) percentage of people that can never be fully satisfied. Trying to help someone like that is an exercise in futility. When that's the apparent case, it's just better to lose the "one customer" in favor of the "many". (Spock says: The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - And then Kirk says....or "the one").

So if you are reading this, possibly you will understand that:

Like the Rick Nelson song "Garden Party"

It's all right now
I learned my lesson well
You see, ya can't please everyone
So ya gotta please yourself


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FootNote:  TWO of my all time favorite singers just happen to have the same last name . . .  "Nelson"
                    I am a die hard, dyed in the wool, totally obsessive..... Star Trek Junkie - "Beam me up Scotty"

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