"Cajun Style" Popcorn

We all need a little "break" from the day sometimes and MINE is Popcorn and Ice Cold Root Beer in a frozen mug. I don't know how many of you are popcorn lovers, but my tastes go back to the days when we used to pop up a Huge brown A & P bag FULL of it - then the family would take it and a gallon thermos of Kool-Aid to the Drive In Movies. We used to have a huge popper with a stiring handle poking out the top. You could hand crank it just about like the theater poppers did. It popped almost every last kernel. We'd drop in a half stick of butter with some oil and as it popped it would butter the whole thing - The bag was awfully grease spotted... but it was so good we'd usually eat till we were sick. (Just us kids of course) :)

Well I doubt many companies that make popcorn poppers are still in business these days. Drive'In's sure are scarce. The Metal popper and brown paper bag have been replaced by the White Microwave Disposable "popper". When I go to the grocery store and buy popcorn, I always look for a packet that promises the most Butter. My favorite description is "Butter Lovers" or "Theatre Butter" etc. But I'm always disappointed with what I remember as the real thing. Most of what's in these bags now-a-days is either Soybean or Peanut Oil with artifical flavoring - and way to much salt. ANY how, it struck me, "add a little REAL butter" to the bag. Welllll one night I tried cutting one open - I shoved in a 1/3 stick and dropped the bag in the Micro - - believe me THAT was a MAJOR mistake!

Down here in "Looziana" they have these "Cajuns" and their "Cajun Food" - One of their delicacies is a "Cajun Fried Turkey". They make these "injectors". You suck up the liquified spices into this huge hypodermic needle and shoot up the turkey (dead of course). You lace him good with hot spices, then you deep fry him (whole) in big pot of peanut oil. MANNNN..... good to the BONE!

The injectors (getting back on the story) are actually big "bovine needles" for injecting medicine into livestock. The whole affair is reminiscent of a Mad Scientist in a medical melodrama. If you know a farm supply you can find them for $1.00 apiece. When you get one of those microwave bags of popcorn they're pretty well sealed up. As I explained you don't want to cut one open, not even a little bit. So I put about a 1/3 stick of butter in a coffee cup and melt it down in the (yep - Microwave). I stir in just tad of "cajun spice" to enhance the ''Flavor''. Then I just suck up all the hot butter into the Hypo and jab the needle into the bag - making a tiny hole - and squirt it in! I put the bag in the Micro - Set for the normal 3 minutes and Voila! - some of the best darn hot buttered popcorn I've had in a long long time. And it's REAL buttered popcorn "Cajun Style"!

You think I oughta try a little - Tobasco???

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