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PRESS RELEASE !                  5-1-98


 Scancat now FULLY supports the ICOM PCR1000 !   You've been asking for it... and now you've got it  !


Computer Aided Technologies is proud to announce complete support for the newest addition to our Scanner Lineup, the PCR1000. Scancat was the first "Third Party" developer to support the PCR1000 from ICOM. Now with the addition of our latest features you get full support for your PCR1000. 


Scancat-Gold for Windows is a state of the art receiver control  software developed to control the new and revolutionary Icom PCR-1000 broad band receiver.  You HAVE to have software so why not  have the best?  Scancat can control all the conventional operations of  the ICOM PCR1000, such as scanning, logging, spectrum analysis etc. 


With Scancat's support of over 45 radios, from over 10 Manfacturers, your software dollars go a long way. No need to buy several programs, one for each radio you own. The chances are high that we already support all of your existing scanner and receiver equipment. And the best part is....all the equipment is supported in

one program.  PLUS we've given Scancat-Gold for Windows an entire new 'Face Lift' just for this radio. You'll love our new look !


  Here are just a few features.  Take a look at what we've recently ADDED to your ICOM PCR1000 support!


 NEW!    NEW!    NEW!  

. Bandscope - not just the 200 KHZ Icom gives you but up to 500 HKZ - Over twice the bandwidth !

  Plus direct frequency readout by mouse control of the Bandscope display!

. DSP support. Notch filter, and Noise Reduction

. IF Shift Control


PLUS, take a look at what SCANCAT will do FOR Your PCR1000 that doesn't come with OEM software!


. FASTER scanning speed.

. Sequential - multiple frequency range searches.

. Loads frequency files of unlimited size.

. Reads DBASE files directly (supported by most FCC CD-  ROM's) -  plus built in text and

  comma  delimited import.    You won't have to 'type it all in again'

. Sequential - multiple database disk file scanning.   (Scan several diskfiles at a time).

. Scan entire disk files - without the 50 channel per bank limitation!

. Multiple "keyword" searchs of disk files.

. Birdie and unwanted frequency lockout.

. Sound recording of actual transmissions using your Windows PC Soundcard. ("SE" version required)

. On screen help tips. Always visible but not obtrusive. 

. Six different Auto Logging methods including duplicate  frequency checks of signals as they activate.

. "Click or Slide" spectrum frequency display that uses our Slide Rule Tuning to instantly tune to signals.

. Pre-set frequency Buttons.

. Hit "accumulator" that records and sorts by the most active signals

. Refined control graphics including a graphical S-meter

. User definable control head colors that enhance viewing on "in the field" notebook computers.


Oh yes, don't forget our outstanding live tech support.  Try that with the competition !







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