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The basic idea of the antenna multicoupler is to enable several monitoring receivers, or scanners to be connected to a single antenna system. The advantages of the multicoupler for these applications requiring several monitoring receivers is in the port-to-port isolation of the coupler. This will ensure that there is no interaction between receivers local oscillators (or birdies), and that the front-end of each receiver is properly loaded at 50 ohms. The obvious benefit in using the coupler is that only one major antenna system have to be maintained, and if a pre-amplifier is used, only one is needed to feed up to eight receivers.

Models MC102, 104, 202 and 204 are passive couplers, and therefore need no external power to operate. However, because of the passive design each coupler will exhibit some signal loss from input to output ports. A 2-port device has slightly more than 3 DB signal loss, and a 4-port slightly more than 6 DB loss. On a receiver with a calibrated S-meter this will result in a reduction of meter reading of 1/2 S-unit for a 2 port coupler and about one S-unit for a 4-port coupler.

Models MCA102, MCA104, MCA202 and MCA204 are active multicouplers and exhibit no loss of signal from antenna input to the output ports. This has been achieved by incorporating a broadband MMIC amplifier driving the hybrid splitters, with the addition of precision attenuator pads to balance the gain distribution. A five section filter on the front-end of the amplifier provides up to 45dB of attenuation of strong out-of-band signals to prevent overloading the amplifier and possibly causing inter modulation distortion (IMD). (Low-Pass filter for models MCA102 and MCA104, High-Pass filter for models MCA202 and MCA204) 50 ohm micro-stripline construction on FR-4 board material and the use of surface mount components delivers stable and reliable performance throughout the couplers wide frequency range. A 12 volt DC supply is required to power the units (wall transformer supplied) and current consumption is approximately 50 mA.

General Specifications
Nominal Impedance: 50 Ohms
Port-to-Port Isolation (min):22 DB
Phase (Input/output) Zero degree
Case: Die Cast Aluminum, Baked Enamel, Sealed Case
Connectors: BNC (Standard)
Mechanical: 4-3/8 X 2-3/8 X 1-1/4 (L W H)

********** Testimonial **********
Your Stridesberg eight port multicoupler arrived and is in operation (complete with RS 50 ohm loads on unused ports) with a Grove Pre-5 preamp on the front end, coupled to a Diamond discone antenna.

Gone are the scanners' cross channel hang-ups, as well as much of the local interference from paging systems and other such annoyances.

Stridesberg has really engineered this fine multicoupler into the high tech arena. It appears to be built to Mil Spec standards and is a winner that I highly recommend to any serious scannist.

T.B. In Ariz.

********** Testimonial **********
***Note*** ( Active models contain an "(A)" in the model number ) ( Active Models have an internal amplifier to compensate for splitter inherent loss, but actually have less than 1 DB Gain.)

Model Ports Frequency Range Con. Price
MCA102M 2 500 kHz to 50 MHz BNC $169.95
MCA104M 4 500 kHz to 50 MHz BNC $194.95
MCA108M 8 500 kHz to 50 MHz BNC $359.95
MCA202M 2 25 MHz to 1 GHz+ BNC $169.95
MCA204M 4 25 MHz to 1 GHz+ BNC $199.95
MCA208M 8 25 MHz to 1 GHz+ BNC $359.95
800 MHz, Preamplified Outputs

Model Ports Frequency Range Con. Price
MC102 2 100 kHz to 500 MHz BNC $99.95
MC104 4 100 kHz to 500 MHz BNC $139.00
MC202 2 10 MHz to 1 GHz BNC $99.95
MC204 4 10 MHz to 1 GHz BNC $139.00

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