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Have you recently acquired one of those cute Icom PCR1000 "virtual radios" ??
If you have, you may have discovered .......

they left something OUT !

The ability to IMPORT frequencies!

You probably already have TONS of them !
So now what do you do ? It's "Back to the Keyboard". UGH

Well we've been busy, and we have a solution for you.

M A G I C !

What is MAGIC ? - M A G I C is a utility that will read virtually any ASCII Text file, even if it does not have consistent column alignment. (Look at our actual examples above). It will ''parse'' to the best of it's ability for single or multiple frequencies in a line of text, separate the frequencies from the text, and create individual fields including a mode, increment, and the text and then create a record ''on the fly''. It will create one record per frequency, If there is more than one frequency on a line it will create an individual record for each one, and include the text on that line in two text fields consisting of a 15 character description and 70 character comment.

In addition to writing "Plain Text", “ M A G I C will read AND write directly the following formats:

1. Scancat "*.FRQ"
2. Scancat "*.SCN"
3. DBASE/UDBF "*.DBF" ("UDBF" is DBASE supported by Percon CD's)
4. Comma Delimited (SDF)
5. CE-232 loader files for Bill Cheeks scanner boards.
6. PCR1000 Icom "MCH" files
7 -NEW - RSD (Scancat Lite files) 
Magic will now also READ and CONVERT to any of the above Databases
8. ScanStar "SWG" files
9. ScannerWear "SWD" files


11. Icoms' ICR-10 "ICF" Clone Files
12. RT Systems FT50 and FT51 "RDF" files

Plus if you load an HTML document, M A G I C will remove all the formatting and leave only the ‘text’ normally appearing on the screen. We KNOW you’ll like this for ‘browsing’ through your Web Browser’s cache!
The possibilities are limitless. With the Internet now providing almost all of our resources and current frequency lists for “free”, Magic couldn’t come at a better time !

While you are on line, just grab a file off a web page, save it to a diskfile, pop it into Magic and in nothing flat, you’ll have a neatly organized file that you can load into your favorite scanner or scanner software. Take all those ‘text files’ you’re saving on the Hard Drive, load them into Magic and faster than you reach for a sip of coffee, its done.

The beauty of it is... it’s so simple. No aligning columns no “pre” editing, no real ‘’thinking’’, just load and convert. It works like MAGIC! But if you want it, there are plenty of “programmable features” to spare!

AND - Since Scancat supports so many radios.... the files you create with MAGIC will work on just about any radio you have.... all for   one    low    price.

Magic doesn’t require a lot of overhead. Any PC compatible computer running Windows 3.1 or greater, with at least 16 meg of RAM (32 recommended) and a hard drive with 4 Meg free space.

But if you want to convert those really big files, M A G I C can hold up to 10,000 lines (or records) at a maximum line length of 500 characters per line. This computes to a file size of a whopping 5 Megabytes.

Magic is so simple and ‘accurate’ that 99% of the time you’ll never need all of our ''programmable options'', but the power is there if you need it!

Some Power Features: