If you have questions regarding one of our products, help is available between the hours of 9AM To 1 pm Monday thru Friday. You will talk to a LIVE person, not some "call it back later" type BBS or answering machine. OR you may fax your questions to our 24 hour fax line. We believe in supporting our customers after the sale. We realize you may experience problems when first using a new piece of equipment or software. We have found most problems are related to accessing the COMM ports, or memory configurations of your computer. So make sure your cables are factory made and have all wires connected internally. Also our software only supports factory authorized equipment or accessories manufactured by Computer Aided Technologies. We cannot guarantee proper operation with third party interfaces or equipment.


9AM TO 1PM (CENTRAL) 318-687-2555

FAX LINE 318-686-0449 (24 HRS)

Send E-Mail to C.A.T.

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