Our catalog wouldn't be complete without recognizing some of our staff.

Jim Springer - Owner Henry Stewart - Technician
Jim has over 18 years of computer and electronics background. He holds a General Class Amateur License - N5JMZ and has been programming computers since his first Model-1 in 1978. Jim likes photography and plays Guitar and is also the "voice" of our live tech support.

Henry Stewart is an accomplish technician. A former Naval Officer, he is a recipient of the Silver Star. His picture was in Life Magazine as the first man to radio to the US that the Japanesse had surrendered. Henry holds a General Class Amateur License - N5WLT, and among his other talents, can copy CW at over 60 words a minute, a "left over" from his service as a radio man in Halsey's Fleet , in the Pacific, in WW II.

Wally Brock

Wally Brock is an electronics instructor at McHenry County College in Crystal Lake, IL. He has been involved in the electronics industry in one way or another since the 1970's. Wally has degrees in Electronic Engineering Technology and in Vocation/Technical Education with empahsis in electronics. He is an avid Amateur Radio operator, holding the call N9MJG, and his favorite mode is Packet radio. When he's not leading his church youth group, he and his wife especially enjoy camping , going as often as possible. Wally has been responisble for the development of the CAT-SQUELCH audio detect cable as well as contributing to the design of the RECORD-CAT. At present he is busilly working a new project (top secret) for C.A.T.

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