Computer contol of almost ALL major brands of receivers and tranceivers. Brands supported include AOR, ICOM, KENWOOD, JRC, YAESU, REALISTIC's PRO-200/5/6 (Additional interface required, not supplied). SCANCAT supports ALL radios from within ONE program. This means with a simple menu choice, you can easily select several radios. SCANCAT permits you to scan between two frequencies, create and scan diskfiles. You can search for new frequencies and log to files. With radios that support squelch detect , you can do a spectrum analysis WHILE you are scanning and listening. SCANCAT uses a POP-UP menuing interface and is extremely user friendly. Our most often received comment is that "it is the easiest of all the programs I've used" In addition, SCANCAT-GOLD has several enhancements such as D-Base import ability, multiple (15) scanning bands, and the ability to scan 2 Icom radios simultaneously. Plus with OS456 (for PRO-2006) decode CTCSS/DCS codes.

A fully operational DEMO is available for $5.00 PPD. The cost of the demo will be applied to your purchase of either

SCANCAT-GOLD DEMO $ 5.00 (ppd)

SCANCAT 6.0 $69.95 (Plus S & H)

SCANCAT-GOLD $94.95 (Plus S & H)

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