RECORD CAT - Tape Recorder Controller

A revolutionary new device that permits totally automated control of your tape recording. Our easy to install adaptor simply plugs into your available printer port. (LPT Ports 1 or 2). Plug the attached cable into the remote switch of your tape recorder, attach an audio input cable from the recorder to your radioís tape output, and your all set to enjoy. Record Cat does not interfere with your normal printer operation, so you can just leave it plugged in and still use your printer. Since it draws power from your printer port, Record-Cat does not require inconvenient external power cubes.
With or exclusive "macro control", you can program your tape recorder to start recording on any active frequency of your choice. OR if you prefer, you can record ALL active frequencies. Itís up to YOU. No more wasting tape on idle chit chat. Set your record-cat to only actuate on those choice "tac" frequencies or hard to catch "finds" and come back later to replay all the action!

RECORD-CAT Tape Recorder Controller .........$ 29.95 + S & H

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