CAT-SQUELCH Audio Squelch Controller (available January 1996)

Computer Aided Technologies has made a breaktrough in Scanner Control with the recent developement of our CAT-SQUELCH audio scanning controller. CAT- SQUELCH is actuated by the AUDIO output of your computer controlled radio. Up till now, it has only been possible to stop the scanning process if the radio supported some kind of hardware or software "feedback" to the computer, (that a signal had opened the squelch). This has limited your scanning enjoyment to ICOM (Receivers only), AOR, later model Kenwoods, and a couple of Yaesu’s. How does it WORK? If your radio has an aduio ouptut that is controlled by the squelch circuit on the radio, our adaptor audio cable plugs into the audio output, and when a signal breaks the radio’s squelch, it "senses" the "audio" and actuates the CAT-SQUELCH circuit.

A "side benefit" of this system is much more responsive (quicker) scan stoppage, PLUS if there are "carriers or birdies" with NO audio present the circuit will ignore them and move right on to a valid signal. Our (other) ICOM squelch detect adaptors rely on a slower relay in ICOM receivers to "trigger" our regular ICOM Squelch Adaptors. This has limited you to use on RECEIVERS ONLY. Now you can use on ANY ICOM radio. Only a few Yaesu’s have a any feedback at all. This inovative new controller is available exclusively from Computer Adied Technologies.
(Requires SCANCAT-GOLD Software and a radio with squelch controlled audio output)

CAT-SQUELCH Audio Controlled Squelch adaptor....................$39.95 + S & H
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and receive at no extra charge our $15.00 Disk of frequencies.

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