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Hoka Electronics and Computer Aided Technologies is delighted to announce Code3 GOLD -
From the producers of Code3 - The monitoring tool used by professionals

This has got to be the hottest VHF and Shortwave decoder to hit the streets. Over a year of hard development work over at our Netherlands HQ has resulted in this latest decoder product. Code3 Gold uses the very best of software DSP filtering and detection technology (borrowed from our professional Code30) and the very latest surface mount miniaturized electronics for the hardware interface. The performance is stunning, the compactness remarkable and the price is simply unbelievable! (but still unanounced)

Stunning performance

Anyone used to using our professional package, Code30, will be amazed at how we managed to achieve such high performance from so little hardware. The method we use is identical that used with Code30. Hoka Electronics is unique in the decoder market to put all the DSP software into PC compatible software code. This makes it much easier to fully interlace the DSP filters with the software signal detectors and system decoders making on-the-fly adjustments to the shift or baudspeed completely seamless to the decoding process. From the initial analog to digital conversion using the latest SMD hardware, everything else from the roofing filter, the FSK detector, to the post detection filters are all done on your PC! All optimised for every possible combination of keying speed and bandwidth. All of this filtering means your receiver does not need to have expensive additional narrow filters for RTTY. Simply use your wideband SSB setting for Shortwave monitoring and AM or FM for VHF.

Versatile interface design.

Regardless of whether you have a 9 way or 25 way serial port connector, the Code3 Gold interface is simply plugged in without any need for an adaptor. Cleverly constructed from a fully RFI/EMI screened standard 9 way to 25 way adaptor case, both 9 and 25 pin plugs are connected internally and therefore available for use. All 4 COM ports, 1 to 4, are all supported.

No power supply needed.

All of the interface's modest power requirements are supplied from the PC using the serial port itself. In fact, there is more than enough power available - even when using a laptop.

No Copy Protection!

That's, right! No copy protection. For the first time ever for Hoka Electronics we offer our Code3 software without any software copy protection at all. You can install the software on as many PC's as you like. The interface now includes its own special hardware security dongle making the usage of our software much more flexible and straightforward.

Automatic analysis and detection for shortwave systems

After the press of just one key [F5], Code3 Gold really starts pulling its weight. After bringing up a simplified spectrum analyzer screen showing the system's shift and baud speed, all you have to do next is press the [enter] key. Code3 Gold does the rest for you. If it is a system installed in your version of Code3 Gold, it will immediately jump to that decoding module and lock into the system. If the system you are listening to is not supplied with your software, it will simply tell you the system name. You may not be able to lock into the signal and decode it, but at least you know what system it is! How many commercial decoders do as much as that?

PC Requirements

Systems supplied as standard

"Who use all these strange systems on shortwave?"
Besides the usage of simple systems, such as SITOR and RTTY the Australian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Spanish and Pakistani Diplomatic services also use Twinplex. The French Diplomatic also use ARQ6-70, ARQ6-90 and ARQ6-98, the Italian and Polish Diplomatic services also use POL-ARQ, the Algerian Diplomatic Corps use Coquelet and the Rumanian Diplomatic Corps use ROU-FEC and Autospec.

Interested in the military action going on in the world's trouble spots? Then without Code 3 Gold, you're still missing out! The Swiss Red Cross and UN Peace keeping Forces use non-standard, modified PACTOR units which unlike the normal Amateur PACTOR TNC units, Code3 Gold has no problems in decoding. Belgian UN Forces are using Coquelet13.

Only one or two of the above systems are available on hardware only units - just think of all the action you are potentially missing!

"But all military RTTY is encrypted".

No! It is not ALL encrypted. This is the biggest misconception. If you're dedicated to monitoring these systems, then you will quickly realise some of the best catches are to be found on these 'stranger' systems. Find out what is happening in the world long before the National news service do!

"So what can Code3 Gold NOT do!?"

Despite the much wider number of systems decodeable with Code3 Gold, there are obviously some systems that are designed so that even with the right decryption equipment it is undecodeable without the right "key". Also for deeper Bit Analysis and a wider range of demodulators you'll need our even more powerful unit, the Code30.

"What about after sales service?"

Anytime up to 1 year after purchase you can request a free update to the latest version of the software. After that it is a mere $25.00 per request! The Guarantee lasts a full year too, and this applies to both the disc becoming damaged or the hardware failing in some way.

If you are still not happy, that after 30 days of use you have not bought the most comprehensive decoder on the market today, contact us and ask for your money back.

If, at a later stage, you want to upgrade to our Code30 product we can even give you a very attractive upgrade offer that means your money has been well invested.

Our lifetime support does not just stop at Code3 Gold. If you want advice about any aspect of Utility Monitoring - then ask us. Check into our web site for an ever expanding databse of free frequency files.

Order NOW and save!

Choose from TWO models!

1. Standard Code3-Gold with VHF ACARS, POCSAG, and 7 Shortwave options - Plus all the analysis tools you've come to expect from "CODE3"


2. FULL - ALL OPTIONS available (30 plus in all)



$10.00 (us) s & h - - - (19.95 fOREIGN VIA "3-4 DAY" AIRMAIL)

TECHNICAL SUPPORT - VOICE - 318-687-2555 9am to 2pm CENTRAL time


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