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What IS ''SE'' ? Well we've been asked that question a number of times.

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So... in a few words: In addition to all the regular SCANCAT-GOLD FOR WINDOWS features

The SE version has :

1. "SE" also records SOUND to your Disk using a windows compatible sound card. Each individual transmission is 'databased', so that you can selectively play back a single recording. Record everything as it occurs, or with our "'Pick List'' of frequencies you can selectively tag only the frequencies you want and eliminate all the 'chit chat'.
2. SE gives you unlimited abilities for 'spectrum analysis' ( See sample screens below ). Over 6 Graphical methods can be displayed on the screen (up to three at a time) to do detailed signal analysis. If it isn't in this analysis, we just haven't thought of it yet ! ....See our Scancat for Windows DEMO at the below site for a 'test drive'.

SCANCAT-GOLD for WINDOWS has a NEW more comprehensive manual. We also use extensive BETA testing before releasing our new product. The results are a program that is USER designed. Our one program RUNS ALL THE RADIOS WE SUPPORT. If you own more than one radio or purchase another in the future, you never need to buy another computer control program.

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Complete Info - Scancat-Gold for Windows


Total includng Lifetime Upgrade $199.95

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