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COPYCAT-PRO ( Ver. 2.1)


You can spend a lot more $$$$$$, but you'll never find a better value than COPYCAT. COPYCAT is tested by Hams and Shortwave listeners like you who own the equipment we support. Many of the features supported in our program were suggested by customers who use our programs. We use COPYCAT with OUR equipment. We also use extensive BETA testing before releasing a new product. The results are a program that is easy to use and totally functional. COPYCAT is not copy protected. We believe that reasonably priced, quality software, puts our program within the reach of you the hobbyist without having to resort to copy protection. AND..... Our _one_ program RUNS ALL THE DECODERS WE SUPPORT. If you own more than one TNC or purchase another in the future, you never need to buy another control program.

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