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Spectrum Analysis On your PC

Please note
This software requires an AOR SDU5000/5500
  • Any radio that has a 10.7 IF output will give you full computer controllable spectrum analysis.
  • Plus, with the below radios, you can have a complete computerized control of receive frequency, direct frequency readout, and a spectrum bandwidth (variable from 500KHZ to 10 MHZ).
  • Just use your mouse to 'arm chair' the controls. Never touch the radio once the software is running.

  • AR3000A, (Requires Installation of IF output)
  • AR5000
  • R7000 ICOM
  • R7100 ICOM
  • R9000 ICOM
  • R8500 ICOM
  • Most ICOMS that support user programmable addresses

    Features: * indicates for above listed radios only:

  • Variable bandwidth, up to 10.7 MHZ. *
  • Variable Peak Readout.
  • Instant Readout of Frequency any place on the PC's Display.
  • Automatic Scanning of programmable ranges (up to 100 available) *.
  • Instant change of center frequency with a simple mouse click. *
  • ''Point and Click'' anywhere on the spectrum to instantly change to that center frequency *
  • Selectable Audio Alert of frequency signal peaks.
  • Recording of incoming Spectrum data to disk .
  • Playback of Recorded Spectrum data from disk. Even without connecting the Radio/SDU ! !
  • Direct (Variable) Threshold readout of all peaks on display. *
  • Signal Averaging, PLUS our exclusive "VARI-COLOR" Analysis.
  • More than FOUR different graphical analysis modes for detailed analysis.

    1. By Signal strength single color.

    2. By Signal strength Averaged.

    3. By Signal strength Multi Color.

    4. By Signal strength (3-D Landscape).
    You have to see it in operation to believe how spectacular it really is!

    Minimum Requirements:

  • IBM Compatible PC with 16 meg ram . Windows 95\98\ME (will not work consistently with Windows NT\2000)
  • Will this work with Windows 2000?
  • 8 meg Hard Drive space
  • Requires AOR's SDU-5000 or SDU5500
  • A radio with 10.7 MHZ "IF" output.

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