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When is too big just too darn big?

Well read these articles about this  retailer and maybe you will agree...
This big is just too big !

If you think we had to look hard for these... Nope... these are just a drop in the bucket of what we found after we got really "Motivated". The Worlds largest Retailer has also become on of the world's largest Hated Retailers. - and for good reason.

Big Bully ????

Bigger Bully

The Dominator

AHAAAA - a bit of "BackLash" !

BTW - If you have tried to use your ATM DEBIT MasterCard 
lately then this should give you some "food" for thought.
 Wally World is the only retailer in the Nation that has this "policy". 
Master of the Card?

Could THIS be the "Real Reason" - I don't believe 
in coincidence. When two of the "Biggest of the Big" 
are suddenly together in the same "nest". It isn't just by "chance"
Hidden Agendas

When the "old Man" died - the bean counters took over...
It has not been the same kind of place since..
Old Sam must be spinning in his grave!