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Version 8.50
Full Trunking Control Through Software.
Scancat now supports 
Bearcat BC-250, BC-785, BC-895 - BC245
PRO-2052 BC780 and UBC780 Trunktrackers !
JUST ADDED BC-296 & BC-796

You've been asking for it... and now you've got it
YES - Scancat supports the ''European'' UBC Bearcats!

New Features - Just released! A complete Database Manager
and Memory loader just for the BC-296, BC-796, BC250, BC785, BC780, UBC780, BC895, BC245 and PRO2052.

(BC780 screen illustrated below) .

Load Frequencies and Talk Group ID's to these radios By Bank Or a single record- just a click and that's it!

Scancat-Gold for Windows is proud to announce support for the newest addition to our Scanner Lineup, The BC-296, BC-796, BC-780, BC250 and BC785. Additionally we support the PRO-2052, BEARCAT BC-895 and BC245 TrunkTracker. And what's so great is... Scancat supports all radios in one single program! These unique desktop scanners from Radio Shack and Uniden have 300 to 1000 memories that can be programmed for either conventional or Trunking Channels.

In addition the BC250, BC785 and BC780 can be programmed with ALPHA (text) Tags!

Scancat is aware that there is a potential problem with a limited number of read/write cycles on NVRAM chips in the BC780 and other similar Scanners. To this end, Scancat does NOT write to the NVRAM chips during its scanning operations. In fact, SCANCAT has devised its operations in a way that allows safe conventional scanning, a feature that many other software programs have failed to do!
Scancat can control all the conventional operations of the PRO-2052, BC-296, BC-796, BC-250, BC-785, BC-895, BC780, UBC780 and BC245 such as scanning, logging, spectrum analysis etc., plus permit you to selectively load the banks of the radio with all your favorite trunking frequencies. Of course, Scancat can also read the radio's memory contents to files including trunking information. With Scancat's support of over 65 radios, from over 10 Manufacturers, your software dollars go a long way and there is no need to buy several programs for each radio you own. The chances are high that we already support all of your existing scanner and receiver equipment and the best part is....all the equipment is supported in one program, no need to purchase seperate "drivers".

Now, with the release of Version 8.0 Scancat fully supports all these trunking features in addition to conventional scanning. Just look what we added !

( Actual Scancat Trunking Screens )

New Search Funtions - Find those hidden frequencies!

Easier Database management and editing!