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AOR AR-5000

Recently while working with ScanCat Gold for Windows two of our Beta testers Rick Thompson and John Lewitzky discovered an undocumented feature of the AR-5000. While studying the manual for the 5000 on page # 71 they ran across the following information:

Power-On [Srch] EEPROM Bank 0 selection. A decimal point at the 1 Hz position extinguishes.

Power-On [Scan] EEPROM Bank 1 selection. A decimal point is added at the 1 Hz position.

By switching back and forth during testing it was discovered that the AR-5000 has TWO individual memory Banks (0 and 1) and EACH Bank contains 1000 channels thus doubling the original advertised capacity of the AR-5000 ! In addition, it was discovered that Bank 0 was pre-programmed with frequencies at the factory.

EDCO, the United States importer of the AR-5000 was informed of this discovery and after consultation with AOR of Japan confirmed this previously undocumented feature.

To implement this feature all the user needs to do is hold in either the SRCH or SCAN button while powering up the unit. The bank selected is indicated by the presence or absence of the decimal point at the 1 Hz position. When the decimal point is present Bank 1 is selected (factory default position); when the decimal point is absent Bank 0 is selected and you have access to an additional 1000 channels. Both Banks my be programmed independenly of each other including the alpha-numeric text comment.

Please note that the Configuration settings for both Bank 0 and Bank 1 are independent of each other. This means that if you are using ScanCat Gold for Windows you must set up your configuration for the RS-232 port separately for each Bank. Please see section 6-19 (page # 29) of your AR-5000 instruction book for complete details on the [CONFIG] settings. We recommend using the 19,200 Baud rate for the fastest possible data connection.

When Scancat Gold for Windows is used with the AR-5000 you have complete control of uploading and downloading all 2000 frequencies from both Banks as well as the ability to use of all it's other exciting features with either Bank.

We here at Computer Aided Technologies are pleased to share with you this exciting news. We take great pride in our latest product, ScanCat Gold for Windows and the hours of dedicated work done by our Programmer's and Beta testers. Please stop by our Web page often to see what's new and and be on the lookout for some exciting new products designed to increase your enjoyment of the scanning hobby.

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