BCD536HP Wi-Fi Firmware Instructions (UPDATED 02/12/2015)

This page outlines the steps needed to update the Wi-Fi Dongle and the scanner firmware. It also includes a Remote Head utility that allows control using your PC.



Check the version by MENU --> WIFI SETUP --> SHOW WI-FI INFORMATION.

  1. Download Wi-Fi-Updater.zip.
  2. Unzip the files downloaded in Step 1. Then, unzip the files in STM_VCP.zip.
  3. Navigate to the STM_VCP directory and run either VCP_V1.3.1_Setup.exe or VCP_V1.3.1_Setup_x64.exe depending on whether you are running a 32-bit or 64-bit OS.
  4. Plug the Wi-Fi dongle directly into a USB port on your PC and allow it to install (you will hear the device "connect" tone indicating the device driver is installed and the device has connected if your PC's volume is turned up).
  5. Unzip and install BC-WF1_FirmwareUpdater_Version0.00.05.zip from the zip file you downloaded in Step 1.
  6. Run the program you installed in Step 5 by navigating to the Uniden --> BCDx36HP --> BC_Wifi_Updater application launcher in your programs list.You might have to run this as administrator by either:
    • Right clicking on the file, and selecting Run as Administrator;
    • Or, pressing and holding Ctrl+Shift while opening the program.
  7. When prompted, point the updater to the BC_WF1_V7_28.bin file unzipped in Step 2, select the com port that was assigned to the dongle, then press OK to apply the update.
    There will be about a 45 second pause at the beginning of the update, during which time the program might appear unresponsive. You will hear the device disconnect/connect tone if your PC's volume is turned up, then the update will proceed.
  8. Now, click the below link to update the scanner's firmware.
START HERE IF YOUR WI-FI MODULE IS V4.X OR ALREADY 7.X or after you've performed the above steps

Update to Sentinel v1.03.01

Download, unzip, and install: Sentinel Version 1.03.01

Update the Scanner and Wi-Fi Dongle Firmware


  1. Plug your scanner into your PC and select Mass Storage mode.
  2. Run BCDx36HP Sentinel and select Update --> Update Firmware.
  3. Unplug the USB cable from your PC. The update should start and be applied.

Install VLC Media Player

To monitor your scanner's audio using your PC, you need to use media player software that supports network streams. We recommend VLC Media Player. Go to http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-windows.html and install VLC media player.

Run VLC Media Player

After starting VLC, select the scanner's audio by selecting MEDIA --> Network Stream and then entering rtsp:// (replace the IP address with the actual IP address of your scanner, which you can find by MENU --> Wi-Fi Setup --> Show Wi-Fi Information after connecting your scanner to a network or initiating Access Point Mode). Note that the scanner and PC must be on the same network.

You should begin hearing the scanner's audio through your PC speaker.

Run the Remote Control Test Software

Click on RH-536HP_mkII.zip to run the test application. The scanner can be controlled using this remote software.

BCD536HP v1.06.10 Revision Notes (4/10/2015)

This firmware version includes the following updates, enhancements, and bug fixes:
  • Improved scan rate
  • Avoided an issue where a packet length of a specific number of bits locked up the USB driver.
  • Fixed a issue that blocked updates if the Wi-Fi module is not connected.
  • Implemented Analyze modes
  • If RTC battery fails, allows user to continue operation using a temporary time setting
  • Blanks the clock display if temporary time setting is used.
  • Changes the default names for Favorites Lists, Systems, Sites, and Departments to be based on sequential numbering.
  • If temporary time setting is used, confirm before proceeding to:
    • Recording
    • Discovery mode
    • WX Alert Mode
    • WX Priority On
  • If temporary time is used, Weather Alert logs are not deleted after expiration time.
  • If temporary time is used, Weather Alert expiration times are not shown.
  • If temporary time is used, Weather Alert logs are deleted after power cycle.
  • If temporary time is used, change the Set Clock menu operation.
  • Improve P25 voice quality

BCD536HP v1.05.01 Revision Notes

This firmware version includes the following updates, enhancements, and bug fixes:
  • Supports Remote-Control over Wi-Fi
  • Allows updating of the Wi-Fi unit firmware directly through the scanner.
  • When Close Call hit is found, no longer prompts to press any key.
  • Fixed the issue that the SD-Card file system is broken when connected to a Macintosh computer

BCDx36HP Sentinel v1.03.01 Revision Notes

  • Added ability to update the Wi-Fi Dongle directly from Sentinel.
  • Add the ability to select a fixed drive from the drive selection list.
  • Corrected some typos.

Remote Command Plan

This is provided as-is and without support. It is still considered a preliminary document. It might contain errors or omissions. Any command function or feature could be modified or removed at a later date. Any command shown that has not yet been implemented in firmware may or may not be implemented at some future date.

Remote Command Plan v0.17 (updated 4/2/2015)

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