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If you've found THIS page, then you have probably "drilled down" and looked at just about everything on our site. <GGG>

Here you will find a compendium of web pages that are scattered around on our website. They are linked from various web pages, but I felt maybe this one page could encapsulate all them into one easy set of links. These links represent our philosophies, beliefs, favorite charities and even some of our "pet peeves" about the business community as a whole.  Some of these pages were created in the early days, and have never been "upgraded" to snazzy, glitzy modernistic works of webpage art....  but they still serve a purpose and get the job done!

Frankly I conduct our business (C.A.T's) in the same way that I would expect others to treat me as a customer. As I get older (and hopefully wiser) I have developed little tolerance for people that do otherwise.



                                MY RAVES AND RANTS

Live long and Prosper" (YES...... I love Star Trek!)

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