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Gun's and Roses

Those of us that do not study history are doomed to repeat it

"Where have all the flowers gone?"

Who can ignore the events of the past months where Innocent school children have been the victims of Gun Violence? 
At times like this the easy way is to blame the guns, and the society that owns guns. 

But there is always an Easy way and a Hard way to solve a problem.

I guess the comment that comes up the most when the politicians or news media start discussing "Assault Rifles", 
is why does anyone need to have 30 round magazines when it only takes 2-3 rounds to shoot a deer?

To me AR-15's and AK 47's are not the type of gun most hunters carry to the field. And what they DO carry - I agree - 2-3 rounds 
are usually sufficient. My Son has a "7 mag", and I don't KNOW of a time when he needed more than one shot to bring home a deer.

But - If you're like most of us that own the AR-15's and AK-47's we like to go to the range and SHOOT 'EM for the FUN of it. 
And from a pure entertainment point of view it's a RPITA having to stop shooting, just to (continually) load magazines. 
To me, 30 rounder's enable you to shoot more than load, and that's what it's all about. I even have a Drum or two.

Frankly I didn't buy ANY of my "assault" weapons to join a militia, or in expectation of the Apocalypse.
 I bought them for either investment, the "Collector mentality", or simply something entertaining to "do".
 I not only own "Assault Rifles", but several WWI and WWII collectibles all of which have High Capacity Magazines. 

Other than antiques, I Buy Guns that I intend to shoot. I try to buy them with as many rounds per magazine as I can, 
and, I buy several magazines per gun,  simply because I hate to have to reload and reload. 
                Not because I am contemplating starting WW III.

But from a "self defense" point of view....

The OK Corral would have had a totally different outcome 
   if The Earps only had "Two Shooters" instead of Six Shooters. 
        Especially since the Clantons were all carrying SIX Shooters.

The last four nationally publicized mass shootings all happened in
                   "gun free zones".
All  (except Columbine) were perpetrated by a single, mentally disturbed individual, not terrorists. 
If even one staff member had been armed, the outcome would have been dramatically different.
Another mostly ignored fact was in 4 of the 5 school shootings, the perpetrators were under the age of 22 !

|  Newtown, CT | Virginia Tech  | Gabby Giffords |  Northern Illinois University |  Aurora, CO |
| Red Lake Senior High School |
Columbine High School  |
 NONE of these were mature adults - like those of "us" that own and collect these "assault weapons".       

                                           What is wrong with this picture ?

It is not a mere coincidence that 95% of these mass shootings occurred in a "Gun Free Zone".  
                   The shooters may have been crazy  but they were definitely not stupid.  
                            You might as well paint a Target on the front door!

Limit the abilities to defend yourself and you open up the possibility that you will become the victim.

Would you buy a MagLite if you could only get it with One Battery?
What if they limited you to two sticks of gum per pack?
What if they limited you to two M&M's per bag?
What if they limited you to two cigarettes per pack?
What if they limited you to two gallons of gas per fill up?
What if they limited you to two hot dogs BUNS per pack?
     when almost all Hot dogs come eight to the pack
What if you could only buy beer in Two Packs?

What if they limited Football games to only two quarters?
            Even Baseball has 9 innings

If you don't chew gum, you don't understand
If you don't smoke you don't understand
If you only buy hot dogs at the "game", you don't understand
If you don't eat chocolate, you don't understand.

If you don't shoot, you don't understand. 

NO one can tell you how many rounds it will take to put down an attacker.

There will always be Abusers, Chain Smokers, Alcoholics, Chocoholics and Hoarders.

Common sense will tell you that....
If you're an alcoholic, you shouldn't leave booze laying around
If you're an addict, you shouldn't have drugs laying around
If you're an epileptic, you shouldn't be driving
If you're mentally disturbed, you shouldn't have guns around

The people that lose sight of this end up contributing to the problems.  
The mentality of limiting your choices to solve the problems of the world
        - is totally ridiculous -

It's all about EDUCation, Not LIMITation.

We can't continue to feed our young children RR rated Video Games such as Call of Duty and Halo, 
    where the Guns are not only glorified but mandated to eliminate the competition, 
   and expect them to ignore violence as a solution for their problems.

We can't continue to feed our children the RR rated Violence of Matrix, Bourne, and Terminators 
    and expect them to ignore violence as an alternative solution for their problems.

It's not the guns we need to moderate - We as Parents and  Caregivers have to step up to the plate and say "No"

Just because I have a Carry Permit doesn't mean I ever want to shoot anyone. 
         Heaven forbid that day would ever come.

2nd Amendment rights IMHO have little if ANYthing  to do with the right to hunt and shoot Bambi and Peter Rabbit
2nd Amendment Rights were designed to put into place a means of providing a defense again tyranny.... 
   from both outside and inside forces.
2nd Amendment rights were designed by our forefathers to protect us from our own government 
  should that government ever decide to take away our freedoms.

I can't think of a time in my 73 years on this earth that I have been more fearful of my own Government

             When is the last Time you watched the Movie "Red Dawn"? (1984 original version)

 Once we relinquish our Rights to a means of defense, then we deserve everything that happens to us - and it surely will !

... Because ??? ... we once had the power of a "call to arms", and decided to     give      it     all     up.

The ''Powers that be'', that Want our guns, Know this

"When will we ever learn?"

Will we learn "too late" ? ? ? ?

Ways to Fight Back against Further restrictions of our  2nd Amendment Right

Jim Springer
President - Computer Aided Technologies


P.O. BOX 18285 - SHREVEPORT, LA 71138

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