To download one of these files, RIGHT CLICK on the filename
and then choose "Save target/File as"

To Listen to one of these files on line, just click on the file
and your browser should start your default "MP3 Player" and then
begin downloading and playing the program'


We have over 10,000 titles. Most are 30 minute programs.  All (now) are in MP3 format, which makes it easy for anyone with a computer that has a sound card to play them. 

It would be a very large/long email to send you the entire listing - we can "Snail Mail" you a "directory disk" of all our programs to your postal address. You can also get the same entire list of our programs from our below website address.

 These programs are now all in MP3 type files.  We ship all of our CD's with included windows players...  which is Winamp for MP3's.

ALSO you might want to know that several hand held MP3 players are now being sold (Diamond Rio - Creative Lab's Nomad - and RCA's LYRA).  These MP3 files can easily be downloaded to one of these handheld players - since they only take up 5-6 megs, most times you could get 3-4 hours of enjoyment on one 'download'.

As to what to Pick..... we have several Categories already made up into CD's. These are for those people that don't know what to buy, but have a general interest.

The listings for ALL these (premade) CD's are at the following web address. They are ALSO grouped within each category by ARTIST, so that makes it easy to find something quickly.

otr-comedy.html                     14957 1999-07-05  13:42
otr-mystery.html                     6944 1999-07-05  13:43
otr-sampler.html                     7253 1999-07-05  13:43
            (Over 100 all time favorites)
otr-drama.html                       7040 1999-07-05  13:43
otr-detective.html                   9533 1999-07-05  13:43
otr-westernhero.html                10312 1999-07-05  13:43
otr-everything.txt                 217469 1999-10-29  12:50                  62999 1999-10-29  12:50

AND we have Packages of a single Artist/Program:

Fibber McKee 7 CD set $59.95
The Gunsmoke 6 CD set $54.95
Jack Benny   5 CD set $49.95
Amos 'n Andy 4 CD set $44.95
Gildersleeve 3 CD set $39.95
THe Shadow 3 CD set   $39.95
Escape    3 CD set    $39.95
Dragnet 2 CD set  $34.95        
Sam Spade   1 CD            $24.95
Fre Allen   1 CD            $24.95
Johnny Dollar 1 Cd    $24.95

Purchase any TWO "sets" get an additional 10% off total price
Purchase any THREE sets get additional 15% off total price

Other than the above "Set Special Pricings", if purchasing single CD's, we have a current special:

        Buy two and get the third CD free.
          (three for the price of two)

For more information go to:

Here is the direct URL to download the complete file of what we have - the one you want to use (inside the zip package) is the otr-everything.XLS (Excell file)
YOU CAN FIGURE 100 PROGRAMS FIT ON A SINGLE CD in order to find out how many CD's it will take.

Our personal advice would be to order a couple of the "Premade CD categories" you feel you would like, and then if you want to collect more, have some custom CD's made to order. "Comedy" is our most popular, followed by the "Westerns and Superheros".

We accept credit cards (MasterCard/Visa/Amex)- or checks/COD in the USA.

Shipping is $5.00 via Priority Mail
 $10.00 outside the USA and would be
 Via AirMail (Global Priority Mail where available)

Thanks for your interest and hope to hear from you soon!