This error happens when using the initial INSTALLATION program, not the actual SCL software. We simply purchase the "Setup Factory" program from a vendor, and "they" are supposed to include the necessary files/controls.  However Windows VISTA is not including a "LOT" of these controla that used to be included with WIN 98/XP. So it is causing users a lot of grief when reinstalling their software on a new VISTA machine.

Download these three files

These files are normally included with Windows, but the new Vista is notorious for not including a lot of 3rd party "controls" (called OCX). Meaning they must be supplied by the software that is being installed.

I feel once these files are registered into your computer, then the Installation program should work, and the Scancat-Lite-Plus will be placed on your computer.

These files will be placed on your computer when you download the above links in this email.


Go to this site and download the program (TwinsRegister). It is a program that will enable you to register the above files so that the "installation" program will run.

Let me know if you have other problems. I'm sure we will be Able to resolve them.

Best regards

Jim Springer
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