The simple answer is
 I wish we could but the answer is "not at the moment"

The more complicated answer is

This unit uses a Built in SD card for the "database". It's similar in concept to the Uniden Home Patrols..... but

GRE was the original manufacturer of this radio as a "PSR800". It had a built in SD card that contains a RadioReference "owned" Database. The problem is.... the data is encrypted, and even if you CAN transfer it to your computer, without the "key", it's just useless garbble. Which means there is no way to program to and from the radio without the "key".

Even though we had a "License" from GRE for their other radios... GRE would not provide the key, and we have tried and are still trying to get that.....

 so that is that.

GRE folded about 3 years ago, and Whistler now owns those copyrights and licenses , but has the same "attitude" as GRE about this radio. Probably because the core management is the same people.

FYI - Whistler also sells this unit branded as a Radioshack PRO-668)

You will be dependent on the software that comes with the radio, and I doubt (in the near future) anyone else will be granted a license to produce software.


Are you going to have software for the Whistler WS 1080?
I see that you have some Whistler scanners but not this one.


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