You may have missed the "Trunk Sys Settings" column in the bright green side (to the far right).  It's the at the very top and is a pull down selection of all possible trunking sys. types.

Unless you have TGID's programmed (column titled Fleet ID's), then in CLOSED mode it won't pick up anything. And  - in CLOSED MODE, the radio will only pick up transmissions for those ID's placed into the radio.

 FIRST put radio is trunking mode and then place it in OPEN mode (FUNC + 5 toggles this option)


Product In Use: Scancat-Lite Version
Radio In Use: PRO-97
Cable In Use: 20-289

Comments: I programed my trunked frequencies using your software, checking the tunked icon. My radio does not recieve the transmission while scanning, but works fine when I manually tune in a tkd. Fq.