While there are no known issues with Windows 7, there are two things you may need to do

Find the Scancat-Lite-Plus ShortCut Icon on your desktop and RIGHT CLICK on that icon. Choose PROPERTIES, and then choose to "run as administrator".  -

That will usually fix the problems with Scancat.

IF you want to use the Search Engine for the Mr Scanner Database on the CD, then you need to go to the CD folder, and find this file

RIGHT CLICK on that. Choose PROPERTIES, and then choose to "run as administrator".

However, "we" recommend you access the master database from within Scancat. If you go to www.scancat.com/youtube and look at video #4, it shows you how to do this.

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Customer Name: Jeff
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Product #1: mr.scanner 2010 combo cd
Dealer: Computer Aided Technologies
Comments: Does this work with windows 7?


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