Most likely you are running Vista, WIndows 7 or higher. Each new version of windows has beefed up what they call "security". Frankly this was targeted to commercial customers, and just gets in the way of the casual windows user. It has to do with "Administrator Priveleges"

The reason you cannot save files, is probably because the Main "root" folder you are trying to save "to", is protected by windows as "read only". That folder is: "C:\Program Files"

Since Scancat is also inside that same folder, it inherits the same settings, which are by default "read only". So you are prevented from writing or saving anything.
        "C:\Program Files\Scancat-Lite-Plus"    

You must change the settings for at a minimum the "Scancat-Lite-Plus" folder by UNchecking the "read only" properties. 

Look at this link, it should explain how to fix it.

This is quite long, but for starters just skip down to the heading of"
        "To configure an application to always run elevated"

This is a link to another solution on our FAQ
The MAIN Faq link is

A simpler way is to just REINSTALL Scancat to a folder OUTSIDE of the "Program Files" Folder - Such as in the root C: directory
        IE: "C:\Scancat-Lite-Plus"

I just purchased your software.
After uploading my radio I wanted to save the files but the software won’t let me.  How do I save all the info I uploaded from my radio into your software???


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