I DID find this in a quick search of the problem.
 It appears there may be a newer PROLIFIC driver for windows 10


You can find this driver at the above link
download from our Scancat site

The BC346XT "I" have needed to be charged first, as batteries were dead, so it took me a while to hook it up and test.

BUT - using the existing driver
  (The Old one... NOT the new Windows 10)
    (  PL2303_Prolific_V1_9_0_DriverInstaller.zip  )
 it finds the radio and reads the frequencies

So - "here" using Windows 10 and existing Uniden driver/Cable,
   it works a-ok

I WOULD be interested in knowing if you use the newer WIN 10 driver
  (from above link) if that solves your problems.

OR - what you finally find solved the issues

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The BC-346 Uses a special cable produced by Uniden. Unless it's this cable, you may need to get a different one

We have number of drivers at our website at screen #8-A

THIS ONE  should be the latest one

Windows10 usually attempts to install a default driver when you first plug in the driver - look at screens 8 thru 15 on how to repair this, and usually things will then work ok.

Also, Go to the Select radio screen and at the bottom, try the different choices for "timing", such as  the Check boxes for "Read Load speed", or the timing slider such as you see in this screen shot




I just purchased the Bearcat BC-346xtc Scanner and I'm not able to ˜Read Radio™ with my Scancat Software.
I have the BC-1 USB cable that I received in the same order. The Computer (Dell Inspiron 15, 5000 Series) is running Windows 10 Home . The ''Auto Configure™ seems to communicate with the radio but does not display the radio model in the little blue box. Then, the ˜Read Radio™ data received from the radio is unintelligible.

I have reloaded the Drivers, updated the drivers (current ˜Best™ Version are installed).

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