Originally written in 2006

The Short story is:

So far we have not had much success with the VR5000 - the radio's firmware is apparently limited to 4 commands which are insufficient for computer control. In addition one of the commands does not function. Yeasu has flat refused to provide information on how to load or read the radio's memory's, saying it is "proprietary". We are attempting to write a "software clone", but that is time consuming when you do not have a road map.

To further complicate matters Yaesu recently announced a "firmware upgrade" which costs $100.00. This "upgrade" fixes some of the problems in the older model VR5000. So if you have an older model and we eventually DO produce software it may not work on all radios unless they have the upgrade.

  The only documentation we can get is in the Owner's manual and the three to four paragraphs are far from complete. At the present we have a VR5000 in our facility, but have been unable to accomplish any consistent control of the radio.  After several attempts we (and the dealer) tried to get technical help from Yaesu USA.

To date we have been unable to get any support from Yaesu beyond one (a) a 3 sentence email from a gentlemen who made the suggestion that we do not place the radio in "auto mode" as the radio had an "allergy". Well... that didn't work. (and B.) a reprint of the Manual from a customer service person in Japan.

We received the VR5000 from a Yaesu dealer over six months ago. Even the dealer has been unable to contact anyone that could help us. Basically trying to get help from Yaesu has been a complete failure.  The only alternative is to try to reverse engineer it, which we are in the process of doing..... but this is a long and tedious process. 

If you are interested in a "chronicle" of other user's experiences there is a VR5000 users group at this addresss.


If you would like to as the "powers that be" at Yaesu
        contact this gentlemen
Chip Margelli <cmargelli@yaesuusa.com>

You must sign up to be able to read the emails. I think you will find them of great interest.

Sorry we can not be of more help.


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