I place the cd's in the drive, click on run, then it opens the page for Mr. Scanner.  Then it comes up with, Mr. Scanner's FCC database has stopped working.  When I click on ok, it shuts the program down. 

This is a problem with some Vista Windows installations.

We do not make the Mr. Scanner FCC CD, We just retail it in one of our packages.... so read the below... this is "their" faq to fix it

Also read directly below these "two" for some FAQ's for our CD products.


Here are a couple you may find helpful:

Q: Can I use a USB port when programming my scanner with the PC on models BCD396T, BC246T, BC296D, BC245XLT, SC230, SC200, BC796D, BC898T, and BCT8 ?

A - Most all software designed to allow computer programming of a scanner is created to be used with serial com port connections. The software can be utilized with a USB connection when an adapter and driver are used. Companies such as Belkin and Radioshack (and many others) make the adapters and the associated driver. The key is the driver as it will allow the USB port to emulate (mimic) itself as a serial port. Since the driver is so crucial to this operation we recommend going to the manufacturer's web site and ensuring that the driver version you have is the most current available.

Q:  My Mr. Scanner Software stops responding in Windows Vista.

       A - There is a very easy fix to this problem.  If you are using the CD-ROM, close the program when the autorun starts.  Manually explore the CD-ROM and find the MsFCC.exe file.  Right click on the file and select "Run as Administrator."  Vista will ask you to cancel or allow the program to run.  Selet Allow and you program will run as it should.  Follow the same steps if you have the downloaded version, minus canceling the autorun.

THIS is FAQ on "our" website for a similar problem, so between the two of these "Faqs", you should be able to use the CD "ok".

HERE is a FAQ on how our latest version of Scancat-Lite-plus can access the Mr. Scanner CD's directly from -within- our SCL
(this way you don't need to run the Mr Scanner CD... just have it in the CD drive)
        And... that would really be the "best solution" anyway.