It is becoming apparent that Vista is a real "Ram Hog".  Unless you have 2gig installed, you may have to "quit" programs running that you don't NEED to have running. I see you have 4 gigs installed. Hit CTRL+ALT+DEL and then look at the resources being used. It's about the 2nd or 3rd tab.  As a rule of thumb, each running program uses about 350-500 Megs, so it doesn't take long start running out of "real ram".

With a marginal amount of RAM You CAN increase your "Virtual Ram", but that is going to make everything run slow once you have used up the "real ram".


it runs but says i do not have enough ram to program radio
.  i have 4 gig?

By "Trouble using with Vista",.... do you mean it won't run at all or there are "issues" with getting it to program the radio etc. ?
Give me a bit of detail and than we can usually get you up and running in a short while.
Also need to know where you purchased SCL ... Dealer/ Mo/day/year
i just purchased scancat lite plus and have trouble using it with vista can you help?

mike P