The problem is most likely your "Virus/Malware" programs. I know "Avast" will flag all of our "RSD" frequency files. They have the same extension "RSD" as another software (Rosetta Stone). So since they don't conform to Rosetta Stones "profile", they would get flagged for deletion. Instead of letting it automatically delete them I had to manually tell it to "ignore" them.

I use AVG with no issues/conflicts, but occasionally we have received other customer reports of this issue, and they turned out to be their "virus scan".

You should run your virus program once "manually", and make sure the list of "threats" does not contain Scancat files. Then by ignoring those, you will not have further issues.

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Customer Name: Bob
City: Yuba City
State: CA
Zip_Code: 95993
Country: usa
Product_In_Use: Scancat -lite plus
Radio_In_Use: BCD 536
Dealer: Radio Shack

omments: I install the Scancat lite plus software, and in one week for some reason it gets deleted. It was doing this after I bought it, So I thought it was my PC so I install it again and it gets deleted again so when I need to ad Programming I had to reinstall again. I got tried of reinstalling so I bought a new PC and it did the same it gets deleted. So is it a bad CD.    


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