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This radio (Pro-2096) only has 50 channels per bank,
  and they are numbered from 0-49
There are 10 banks for a total of 500

The V-Scanner folders are not in "the 500 channels of working memory", so you will have to read the Owners manual to learn how to move the V-Scanner folders around and then scan with them in "working memory"

V-Scanner Memories are not "scannable". To Scan one of the "10" V-scanner blocks you must first copy that V-memory TO the main radio's working memory (500 channels that DO scan)

Think of the V-Scanner Folders as "extra hard drives" on your computer, and then possibly you can understand how it works.

The best plan of action is to make sure (Example) V-Scanner "10" contains the "working" memory backed up. Then when you copy VS #1 or 2 etc to MAIN memory, the 10th one would always be there to restore what you had as  the origianl working memory.

If you need the "factory set V-Scanner's", go to here to download the RSD files which can be programmed into the working memory, (and then) you copy THAT into one of the V-Scanner blocks.

You will find FAQ's about this at our website
You can also call the Radio Shack Help Line at 937-395-1456
And they can give you guidance on how to use these folders.

Best regards

Jim Springer

I started using the software today, and placing freq. in manually.  Why does it restrict the number of channels per bank to 49, when
Since I ordered the CD am I registered for updates?
Bill Fultz

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