Here are some screen shots showing how to get to the Tools/folder options in Windows.

Right click on START - Choose EXPLOR
Click on VIEW and choose DETAILS
Click on TOOLS and choose "folder options
Pick the "File types" tab

Delete any "conflicting" file extension associations ONE AT A TIME until the offending program no longer boots up when you enter the SCL database area.

Just bought Scancat-lite PRO 97/2055 down loaded on line and also bought a disk. The program works ok my problem is when you choose a radio and when you try to save it the program tries to go to another program AutoCAD lt witch is a drawing program. When you first open scancat-lite and choose program radio it goes to looking in AutoCAD lt.
Have uninstalled the program and reinstalled it the same thing. How can I change where scancat-lite saves its data and why is it connected the AutoCAD lt.
              HELP DON