"This" (your) explanation makes more sense <GG>

IF your "lists" are on paper, then you must type it into "something", So I would suggest using "our" SCL Database to do that. It's set up to easily type in frequencies by hand etc.

IF you have the lists in COMMA DELIMITED form, then we have an import feature that can probably handle most situations.

This FAQ covers the basics on that feature

Once you get the imported files into the "upper database", look at this FAQ on how to move them to where you want them.

Then - Take a look at these FAQ's, and if you still need suggestions, give me an email




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Jim Springer wrote:
I guess my question is... why do you want to create EXCEL files (From SCL files)?
Maybe I don't want to do it this way. This was what I thought a way to get the data into Scan-Lite Plus.

So how do I get the information into Scan-Lite when I have all kinds of printed lists? I figured by doing an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file, I could maneuver the data around in those files and then when I get it the way I want it, just import it into Scan-Lite Plus.

The RSD files are comma delimited to be begin with, and as such are fairly "transportable". If you want to use them to edit, and then load them back into SCL, It usually won't work. Mainly because All the "extra columns" that have Numbers in them are indexes for all the pull down style columns in the database, and while it's not something we keep "secret", it's not the recommended way to "edit" SCL's files.
Ah, so that's what all those columns with zeros in them means!